Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hancock Park review

Ah high school. Filled with cliques,constant judgement, friendships, and the occasional class, high school is typically pretty brutal, even if you're one of the kids that gets along with everyone (that was my role). Try being in high school in Los Angeles, at one of the most elite schools, surrounded by beautiful people, a slightly crazy family, and, of course, your psychiatrist on speed dial. Welcome to Becky's world.

Becky attends Hancock Park, an incredibly exclusive school in the heart of Los Angeles. The girls at her school are rich snobs, expecting nothing but perfection from their classmates...and watch out if you aren't one of the perfect ones. Anxiety abounds in Becky's life, as her parents are fighting more every day, thus convincing Becky that she needs more therapy and more meds to help the craziness in her life.

Learning to take control over herself and her life, both at school and at home, is a slow process for Becky, but she does it and in such a way that teens, rich or not, can most definitely relate to.

For the first 25 pages or so, Becky was a bit irritating. Over the top, more than a little whiny, though her problems did definitely resemble those that a lot of teens face every day. As the book went on, the main character grew on me, and I really started to enjoy watching her self-progression and her ability to relate to today's teens.'s a bit of a guilty pleasure to read about these rich kids and their not-so-perfect lives.

Fans of Gossip Girl and the Clique novels will enjoy Hancock Park, or anyone looking for a light, fun, beach-type read.

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Hancock Park
Isabel Kaplan
272 pages
Young Adult
Harper Collins
June 2009

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