Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hook review

How lovely this picture book is, I can't quite put into words, but trust me, you want to read it. Whether you have a library or a classroom full of children, a family at home, or just yourself, you'll want to read it.

Ed Young, winner of the Caldecott Medal has written and illustrated Hook, the story of an abandoned egg, found by a boy and given to chickens to raise. Once the egg has hatched, however, the chickens quickly determine the baby chick was simply not meant for Earth, but for greater things. Hook, as he has come to be called, learns to fly, eventually growing up to be one of the most beautiful and beloved bald eagles.

A very simple story, with such a complex meaning, I was incredibly impressed with the work of Young on Hook. The illustrations are really beautiful, done in soft tones (Amazon says the illustrations are chalk) that compliment the short-but-sweet text on the page. Children will enjoy seeing something "different from the crowd" turn into a gorgeous eagle, and parents will enjoy the compassion of the chickens that help to raise Hook and the boy determined to see him fly.

Overall, a truly wonderful book for both library and home shelves. This was a great one folks!

To learn more or to purchase, click on the book cover above to link to Amazon.

Ed Young
32 pages
Picture Book
Roaring Brook Press
April 2009

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Janssen said...

This looks beautiful! I'll definitely need to look it up.