Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm back!

Yes, after a bit of a hiatus while moving cross-country and attempting to get settled in a new house/city/time zone, I'm back (at least mostly).

What have I been doing? Unpacking and painting. And painting. And painting. And more painting to come in the next few days. The previous owners of our house were in mid-painting mode when they decided to sell and so not only were the colors not really our taste, but they were also half done, so the painting needed to be pretty immediate. My master bedroom went from yellow stripes to a nice blue/gray, the family room went from plain ol'primer with beige trim to a green with white trim (which is still growing on me...not loving the green I chose), and in the next few days we'll be doing the kitchen/living room/hallway, which are yet undecided. And after all this I never want to paint again.

We're also pricing new carpet, so that should be going in eventually, along with new appliances on Saturday, and new ceiling fans at some point. Once things are pretty much done I'll post some before and after pictures for you all.

I LOVE being near a Wegman's for groceries, it makes me feel like I'm home in the Syracuse/Rochester area, LOVE having a screened deck to sit on in the mornings and evenings, and have fabulous neighbors. So far, VA is being good to me.

Obviously I'm not getting a whole lot of reading done, but I did accomplish 3 audiobooks on the way from NM to VA and I still have a bunch of books left over to review that I finished reading during the packing process. Bear with me for a couple more weeks as I readjust to blogging life!

I do have a couple booky-comments to make before I actually get back into reviewing. If you haven't read A Moment Between by Nicole Baart (new in May I believe), an adult fiction read, go out and do it. Same goes for The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo. I'm probably the last person on the planet to read that anyways, but if you haven't, go do so. Give it to the kiddos as well.

I'll be "back" with a blog tour tomorrow, a giveaway Wednesday, and all the usual stuff throughout the week. Oh and for all you VA-area people, if you have any must see, must eat, must do things in the area, send the tips my way!


Staci said...

Congrats on the new house but I'm sorry that you have to do all of that painting..I hate to paint!! But just think of all the reading you can do when it's all done!!!

Amanda said...

At this rate, Staci, I'll be reading again next year. :)

Mrs.Robertson said...

Hey Amanda,
Nice to see that your connectivity is back. I know I always feel a bit lost and out of sorts, when, for whatever reason, I can't access the Internet and my cyber friends.
The painting IS a pain, but it's such a nice feeling when it's done.

Thanks for the update.

Abby said...

Woo! Glad you're getting settled in, dear.

Tif said...

Glad to hear you are back and you are getting settled . . . slowly, but surely!! I totally understand!! I still have TONS of boxes to unpack and moved into my new house almost a month ago!! Good luck with it all and I look forward to your upcoming posts!!

Susan said...

I'm glad the move went well, and that you're safe and sound in Virginia. My sister used to live in Norfolk (her husband's in the Navy). The one time we visited, we got caught in a hurricane! Because of that, we never did any of the tourist things (like Williamsburg :( ) - so no recommendations. Have fun with the painting!

Jennie said...

Most of my must-dos are up in Arlington, but I do highly recommend taking in a few Potomac Nationals games! They play in Woodbridge and there's nothing better than some single-A baseball in the summer.