Saturday, July 25, 2009

Picture Book Saturday

Some cute choices, some sweet choices....hopefully you find something you and the kiddos can enjoy!

My first offering this week is the 2nd children's title from author/illustrator Brie Spangler. Peg Leg Peke was one of my favorite books of last year and this latest, The Grumpy Dump Truck was just as adorable, with a lovable (and grumpy) main character that will have kids giggling all over the place.

Bertrand is an incredibly grumpy dump truck. He's mean to everyone and goes through the day with a frown on his face and a lousy attitude, making sure everyone knows just how miserable he is. Grouchy is just how Bertrand lives his life and goes about his dump truck duties. When he runs into cheerful Tilly (who is SO cute) and she unexpectedly helps him by finding the cause of his grumpiness, Bertrand is finally able to see what life is like when the glass is half full.

Very cute, perfect for a read aloud with the young ones. Bright illustrations compliment the story and will keep the kiddos looking at the pages while you read the giggle-worthy text. Bertrand is adorable!

The Grumpy Dump Truck
Brie Spangler
40 pages
Picture Book
July 2009

Got a cat lover in your family? How Many Cats?, written by Lauren Thompson and illustrated by Robin Eley is a perfect choice for a fan of the felines or just a little one that is learning to count.

An adorable combination of counting and rhyming, the reader gets to see just what our kitties do when we're away (invite all their friends over of course). Causing tons of cute mischief and chaos, your kids will really enjoy seeing just how much trouble these cats can really make, as one cat grows to lootts of cats.

The illustrations are beautiful and realistic and the storyline great for toddlers. A very nice storytime pick.

How Many Cats?
Lauren Thompson
32 pages
Picture Book
April 2009

Finally, I wanted to throw in a "sweet" book for today and I found that in Anytime, Anywhere: A Little Boy's Prayer, written by Marcus Hummon and illustrated by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher.

What begins as Isaac's usual bedtime prayer routine, turns into a great conversation with his daddy, centering on who can hear his prayers and all the great things in his life he feels he should pray for. Isaac not only prayers for his Grandma, but he also prays for the ants and insects, the birds, his friends, the homeless...and the sweet list goes on and on.

Not at all "preachy" or religiously based, Anytime, Anywhere is a very cute exchange between a father and a son. A bit long and a little "goody goody" with the inclusion of some of the prayers, but still a good message. Great for a bedtime story, one on one.

Anytime, Anywhere: A Little Boy's Prayer
Marcus Hummon
32 pages
Picture Book
January 2009

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