Monday, August 31, 2009

Bacon Sandwiches & Salvation (Christian Non-Fiction review)

Sometimes us Christians just need a good laugh at ourselves and Adrian Plass has created a truly hilarious guide (A-Z of course) to all things Christian in Bacon Sandwiches & Salvation: A humorous Antidote for the Pharisee in All of Us.

Publisher's description:

"With the comfortable knowledge of a church insider and the leery insight of a seeker, Plass shines a sometimes sarcastic, often times profound, and all the time witty light on the Christian experience. With thoughts on everything from the afterlife (“a place where God will chew a straw and fill us in on how things really are.”) to Zacchaeus (“… [he] looked like Danny DeVito in a dish towel”), Bacon Sandwiches & Salvation is a raucous glossary of biblical characters, church catch phrases and pop-Christian personalities. The inspiration for Bacon Sandwiches & Salvation came from a situation Plass shared with a dear friend in church one day. When asked what the most important thing in the world was, both Plass and his friend responded very differently. “Salvation!” cried Plass. “Bacon sandwiches!” suggested his friend. Writes Plass, “That just about sums it up. A God who can create the indescribable tastiness of a bacon sandwich must be planning something pretty incredible in the salvation line.” Somewhere within the pages of this quirky little guide one begins to find just such a God."

Written in the form of a dictionary, I really did find myself laughing out loud at some of the entries, chuckling quietly at most of the others. My favorite entry was the following:

End times: (1) an obsession on the part of those wild-eyed characters who, despite Jesus' clear statements that not even he knows when final judgment will come, continue to insist that the world will definitely end next Monday at exactly three twenty-seven in the afternoon, but refuse to give you any of their things, even though they obviously won't be needing them anymore after the weekend; (2) hairdressing and podiatry appointments." (47)

Sometimes God's way of working is a bit quirky, as is this book. It's funny, a good choice to have sitting on the coffee table during a dinner party, but definitely not something I, as a Christian would take seriously. And not a title I would hand someone I was helping find Christ or was new to the faith. Just a bit of fun for the believers!

Bacon Sandwiches & Salvation
Adrian Plass
240 pages
Christian Non-Fiction
October 2008


Katie said...

Bacon sandwiches are yummy! Bake the bacon in the oven and drizzle with a bit of maple syrup before coming out! Slap between two pieces of toast... oh so yummy, but only on occasion!

Amanda said...

Yeah I don't think my stomach would be handling that grease...I eat bacon very rarely and if I do, it's usually turkey bacon! hehe