Saturday, August 1, 2009

Picture Book Saturday

Egg Drop, written and illustrated by Mini Grey, caught me by surprise at first. Was it too dramatic for children? Would it traumatize them? I don't think so...I actually think they'll giggle when you read the last page!

A little egg really wanted to fly. It didn't understand how flying worked...if only it had waited. The egg attempts to fly. The egg falls. The egg makes a big mess. But, at least the egg is not wasted.

Yes, the egg smashes to pieces and no matter how hard they try, the egg is not able to be put back together again. The egg is not wasted though, no worries, as the last page shows us a nice fried egg on a plate.

A bit dramatic, yes, but I don't think the smashed egg is going to scare any kids. I think it's hilarious and would go over well for a school-age storytime.

Egg Drop
Mini Grey
32 pages
Picture Book
July 2009

There Was an Old Man Who Painted the Sky, written by Teri Sloat and illustrated by Stefano Vitale, is based upon the discovery of the amazing paintings on the ceilings of the Altamira Cave in Spain in 1879.

Written very much in the form of repetition (as the favorite "There Was an Old Lady...books), this one is a bit more unique and truly based upon these awesome, colorful illustrations by Vitale. Though the subject it's based upon is slightly more complex than a picture book, the actual book would be great for all little ones, with the brilliant illustrations and fun, rhyming text.

A great choice for library shelves. History and fun in one!

There Was an Old Man Who Painted the Sky
Teri Sloat
32 pages
Picture Book
Henry Holt
July 2009

Tony and the Pizza Champions is written by Tony Gemignani and illustrated by Matthew Trueman and features one thing almost all kids love: PIZZA!

Tony and his companions are invited to compete in the World Pizza Championships to see who is the best pizza tosser in the entire world! It's filled with a cute, fun story, some pretty awesome illustrations, and fun facts about pizza and where it originally came from.

The story is based upon the true story of the author and his world-champion pizza tossing team, and includes recipes and dough-tossing tips. Very cool!

Tony and the Pizza Champions
Tony Gemignani
44 pages
Picture Book
Chronicle Books
March 2009

Finally, I'm ending this week with a very serious, but beautiful selection. Tsunami!, written by Kimiko Kajikawa and illustrated by the amazing Ed Young, will really pull at your heartstrings, while serving as a teaching tool for your children.

A fictional story based on a man that saved an entire village from instant death, by giving a huge sacrifice, Kajikawa shows exceptional storytelling talent. The illustrations are marvelous (HELLO it's Ed Young we're talking about) and the whole book will open up an opportunity to talk about the tsunami a few years back, that affected hundreds of thousands of people.

A truly beautiful work, one of the best of the year!

Kimiko Kajikawa
32 pages
Picture Book
February 2009

To learn more about any of these selections or to purchase, click the book covers above to link to Amazon.

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