Saturday, August 29, 2009

Picture Book Saturday

Fun choices for you this week!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears, retold by Lauren Child, is just one of those books that all book lovers need to have on their shelves. Child gives us the the age-old story of Goldilocks, with her own imaginative words, in a very cool format.

Emily L. Jenkins lends a hand to set creation and Polly Borland did the beautiful and fun photographs that accompany the text. I'm not sure I'll ever see Goldilocks the same way, but Lauren Child made the little girl into such a fun character! She's the same curious girl that just wants to try out porridge, chairs, and beds of strangers, but the photographs and dialogue turned her into a quirky, cute, and imaginative character.

Includes a cool section on how the photography was done, the building of the sets, etc. A nice behind-the-scenes look.

Lauren Child can't do much wrong in my eyes!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Lauren Child
32 pages
Picture Book
August 2009

Piglet and Granny, written by Margaret Wild and illustrated by Stephen Michael King, is a very sweet story about the relationship between a little pig and her beloved Granny.

Piglet loves when Granny comes to visit and she's always right on time. This day, however, Piglet has been waiting for a very long time for Granny to show up! While Piglet waits she shows Cow, Duck, Sheep, and Horse exactly what she loves so much about her Granny. And when Granny does finally make it, there is a special surprise in store for Piglet!

A very sweet book that exhibits the love between Grandmas and grandchildren (or pigs in this case). The illustrations were a nice compliment to the soft, flowing story. Wild is also the author of Piglet and Mama and Piglet and Papa. Equally cute I'm sure!

Piglet and Granny
Margaret Wild
32 pages
Picture Book
September 2009

Finally, Melanie Watt, author of the very funny Scaredy Squirrel books, has a new stand alone title out, Have I Got a Book for You! If you've ever watched an infomericial and laughed at the salesman, this book will remind you exactly of that!

Al Foxword is an incredibly persistent and successful salesman. He has lots of happy customers to prove his success, but now he's trying to sell YOU a #1 bestseller. He tries every trick in the book and his slick, cunning last resort leaves the reader unable to refuse to buy what he's selling!

The illustrations, also done by the author, are a perfect fit with the story. Al's facial expressions are similar to that of Piggie's in Mo Willems "Elephant and Piggie" series, always mischeivous!

A very cute, VERY funny book to read aloud at storytime or just with the family. This one is begging to be read aloud in your best car salesman voice!

Have I Got a Book for You!
Melanie Watts
32 pages
Picture Book
Kids Can Press
August 2009

Thank you to Hyperion, Abrams, and Kids Can Press for review copies :)
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Staci said...

I love your picture book Saturday posts. If my kids were little again we would be in book heaven!!

MaureenHume said...

It's lovely to hear there's a modern version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears out there. Lauren Child's book sounds delightful. With Christmas looming fast I'll have to keep an eye out for it.
Maureen Hume.

Amanda said...

Thanks ladies! Staci, you can STILL read picture books even though your children aren't little! I don't even have any children in my house :)

Maureen, Goldilocks was great...really, all of Lauren Child's books are great!