Monday, September 21, 2009

Non-Fiction Monday: Flags of the World

Hey teachers, need a great resource for your classroom? Filled to the brim with bright, bold pictures of country flags from all over the world, it's also full of handy facts, dates, and statistics, perfect for a quick reference.

Flags of the World was put together by Sylvie Bednar and is broken down into five regions: Europe, The Americas, Oceania, Africa, and Asia. Each region contains tons of flags from countries, as well as small snippets of facts about the country, how each flag came to be, and other, more random facts.

Some of the larger countries get a full page spread, complete with a large paragraph of country info and a statistic list.

Papua New Guinea, for instance, has a beautiful flag of red and black, with white stars and a yellow bird. The country is apparently home to more than 750 dialects (WOW!), though it's official language is English, and takes up an area of 178,704 square miles. And the fun fact on that particular page is this:

"Some tribal Papuans build houses in trees at heights of up to 160 feet in order to protect themselves from danger."

Cool huh? Flags of the World gives a great look into different world cultures, customs, religions, and values, as well as the brilliant flags they fly.

Though the actual text is written at a lower grade level, geared toward elementary schoolers, this book could be a vital resource from elementary up through high school for social studies class, geography, special projects, etc. Great for libraries, schools, classrooms, and homeschoolers.

To learn more, click on the link above to get to Amazon.

Thank you to Abrams for the review copy :)

Flags of the World
Sylvie Bednar
192 pages
August 2009

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