Saturday, September 26, 2009

Picture Book Saturday

My first pick of the week is a little unconventional as far as my typical picture book "taste" goes. It's sappy and is overtly obvious with it's message, but after flipping through it a few times, I really think your toddlers will appreciate the silly illustrations and sweet storyline.

Big Bear Hug is written and illustrated by Nicholas Oldland and tells the reader of a bear that loves to hug trees. He loves hugging animals, big or small too, but he really, really loves hugging trees. Peach trees, apple trees, pine trees, you name, he hugs it! And when a man comes to cut down a tree? Well...that man gets a hug too!

From an adult point of view, Big Bear Hug might be a bit too mushy-gushy, but toddler-aged kids tend to appreciate the sweeter side of a story, often more than we do! The message is environmentally based, with a smidge of "one hug can change the world."

Big Bear Hug
Nicholas Oldland
32 pages
Picture Book
Kids Can Press
September 2009

Would I Trade My Parents?, written by Laura Numeroff of "Mouse" book fame and illustrated by James Bernardin is filled with a fun look into the lives of one boy's friends and their parents, allowing the boy to wonder if he would indeed trade his parents.

One friend's parents make blueberry pancakes for breakfast, one's mom owns a convertible, and another's parents take him camping. When looking at all these cool things, the young boy can't help but be a bit envious, but when he remembers that his mom teaches him cool French words, his dad reads to him every night, and they always take bike rides on the weekends, he realizes his parents aren't too bad after all!

I think all children think about trading their parents once in awhile and Numeroff's book will be a nice reminder to be thankful for what we have been given. Bernardin's illustrations are great and make for a nice accompaniment to the text.

Would I Trade My Parents?
Laura Numeroff
32 pages
Picture Book
October 2009

The Big Elephant in the Room, written and illustrated by the amazing Lane Smith, introduces children to just how big of a mess one little verbal misunderstanding can cause!

When asked if they could talk about the "big elephant in the room," one friend thinks it's about something he's done. Like told a girl that his friend peed his pants or ran away from a bully and left his friend there or the fact that he peed in the pool. When really, all that his friend wanted to talk about, was literally, the elephant in the room! Oops!

A very cute story and a great read aloud! I loved the illustrations and found myself laughing on every page. A winner for sure with this one.

The Big Elephant in the Room
Lane Smith
32 pages
Picture Book
July 2009

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