Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Smoke (mg review)

Librarians and parents alike always want more books featuring good, strong male characters for their boy readers. Smoke, written by Mavis Jukes features a character just as we wished for in Colt, a 12 year old animal lover, bound for a farm in northern California with his mom and 20lb cat.

Colt has a hard time moving from his home in Idaho to the farm in California, especially when his mom starts getting a bit too friendly with the new next door neighbor and his Maine Coon cat, Smoke just disappears one night. Though he does begin to make friends with a friend from school and even join a soccer team, Colt is devastated that Smoke has disappeared and decides to take it upon himself go find him, a search which finds him a whole lot more than he bargained for, when a mountain lion shows up.

Colt, along with the rest of the characters, are believable and easy to relate to and the story will appeal to those that enjoy animal stories with some "cowboy" thrown in. I did find the plot quite slow-moving for much of the beginning and nothing really "suspenseful" as I've seen other reviews state. I felt it was a bit predictable, though a good show of characters made up for that and the overall message of.

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Thanks to FSG for a review copy :)

Mavis Jukes
176 pages
Middle Grade
March 2009


Staci said...

Still sounds like a good addition to the shelves. Why is it that a good male character is so hard to come by?

Jeane said...

I can't quite tell what the animal on the cover is supposed to be. A wolf? At first glance, it made me think of Grendel.

Amanda said...

Jeane, the animal is the Maine Coon cat that plays a pretty big role in the story. At least that's what I think it is!

Jeane said...

Ah, I should have guessed, from reading your review. I just expect to see some stripes, or eyes, to notice it's a cat, better!