Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Need My Monster, Interview with Amanda Noll

Back in April, I fell in love with I Need My Monster, an adorable picture book written by Amanda Noll. So much so that I nominated it for a Cybil Award and have now done an interview with this awesome author. She is incredibly nice and gracious :) Enjoy!

Hi Amanda! Before we start, can you choose where to have our interview and a meal we would be enjoying? We could be eating candy canes at the North Pole, snacking on chocolates in Paris, pasta in Venice, or anything else you would like!Interviews always go better with food in the belly :)

That’s easy! We’d be eating big juice hamburgers, complete with fried egg, onions, and beetroot, at a small cafĂ© in the heart of Melbourne, Australia. I’d bring the breath mints!

Sounds yummy, though I've never had beetroot. I'd give it a shot!
How did you come to be an author? Have you always written or was it just something you came upon by chance?

Sheer boredom was my motivating factor. I’ve always been a voracious reader, but it wasn’t until I had a job that required me to sit at a desk all day long (regardless of the amount of work) that I realized I was telling myself stories to pass the time.

What kind of life do you, as an author, lead? Do you have a specific schedule for writing each day? Do you have an office where you go to write or are you just typing away on your couch? Give us a day in your life!

Having a young family, my youngest isn’t in school yet, makes writing somewhat unpredictable. My *ideal* writing day looks something like this: get everyone who’s going to school out the door, pick up around the house, run any errands, return e-mails, phone calls, and critiques. Break for a quick lunch with my son. Stick a movie or game on my son, try and write like crazy until the older kids get home from school. It’s a challenge, but it’s working so far.
Your book, I Need My Monster, is absolutely charming! Great for a bedtime story or a Halloween read.  How did you come up with the idea for a book on children and monsters actually liking each other?

It came from desperation. When my youngest son was an infant my 3 year old daughter wouldn’t stay in bed. I wished she would stop getting out. Yes, I wished she was afraid of monsters to keep her in bed. It’s not my finest parenting moment; I’m going to blame complete exhaustion from getting up with a fourth baby! It was a happy day in my house when everyone started sleeping through the night. Fortunately, I still had plenty of things to write about.

Do you have any plans in the works for new books? Can you give us any hints as to what we can expect from you in the future?

Absolutely! I’m working on a middle grade ghost story. It includes a crying ghost baby.

Most of my blog readers come to read reviews of books I loved, getting suggestions for their own reading lives. Do you have any favorite children’s books you can recommend to them? Ones you just love…?

I love funny picture books. Some of my favorites are, Click Clack Moo, A Job for Watilda, Escape of Marvin the Ape, and pretty much anything by Sandra Boynton.

One final question, just to have a bit of fun. If you could invite any three book characters to join us in our dining adventure from question one, who would they be? And why of course…

Hmmm, that’s a hard one. I think I’d start with Artemis and Holly Short from the Artemis Fowl series. Then I’d add Hari from the Blue Sword.

Awesome! Thanks so much for enjoying a meal and sharing some answers with me!

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