Monday, October 12, 2009

Non-Fiction Monday, better late than never!

I am so late with this post, but I have a great excuse! Federal holidays = the husband having the day off, so I got to watch a movie, lay on the couch, read books, and eat junk all day. Now it's 8pm and I feel somewhat productive :)

Love this new series from Millbrook Press and I'm sure your kids (especially the boys) will too. The series is called "Gross Body Science" and features titles like Itch & Ooze: Gross Stuff on Your Skin and Rumble & Spew: Gross Stuff in Your Stomach and Intestines. If those titles aren't enough to pull in your reluctant readers, the actual text and photographs certainly will be!

I had a chance to review two of the titles in the series, the first being Clot & Scab: Gross Stuff About Your Scrapes, Bumps, and Bruises, written by Kristi Lew and illustrated by Michael Slack. Truly filled to the brim with gross and yucky information, the reader will get a healthy dosage of facts in both paragraph form and small fact boxes, illustrated characters, and lots of up-close photographs of nasty bleeding wounds, my favorite being the photo of the gangrenous foot. Yum.

Fun fact: "Picture five 1-liter bottles of soda pop lined up in a row. That's how much blood the average adult has running through his or her veins."

The second book, Hawk & Drool: Gross Stuff in Your Mouth, was written by Sandy Donovan and illustrated by Michael Slack. Featuring the same format, this one focuses on mouths, which I personally find extra gross (I even hate seeing pictures of my own teeth at the dentist. Something about mouths...). Everything from saliva to bad breath to canker sores are covered, complete with great..uh...gross...photographs and facts.

The grossest photo in this one was on up-close view on some chunky plaque on someone's teeth. I promise it's enough to make your kids always brush their teeth!

Fun fact: " Some scientists think that naturally yellow teeth may be stronger than naturally white teeth."

Both books include a glossary and bibliography for more gross reading!

I'm sure these would be a hit at the library and Millbrook does a nice job with reinforced bindings, making them super-strong. Us librarians definitely appreciate that and homeschool families would probably get a great amount of use out of these too.

To learn more or to purchase, click on the book covers above to link to Amazon. I am an Affiliate and will receive a small percentage of the purchase price.

Gross Body Science series
Millbrook Press
September 2009
Review copies received from publisher

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Shirley said...

I reviewed this book, too, and I loved it. Enjoyed your review. If you are interested in a science activity to accompany it, look at my blog, SimplyScience at

I liked your description of the second book. I only saw Clot and Scab.