Saturday, October 3, 2009

Picture Book Saturday: It's Fall!

I think the chill in the air and the fact that October has indeed arrived (my favorite month of the year!), calls for some picture books surrounding the "fall" theme. Enjoy!

I was so lucky to hear Lois Lowry speak about her new picture book, Crow Call, this past weekend at the National Book Festival, and after reading it, knew it was definitely one to feature. She, along with illustrator Bagram Ibatoulline, have created a lovely story about a girl, her father, and a whole lot of crows!

Lizzie, a young Lois Lowry, barely knows her dad, who is often at war. When he comes home and decides to take her hunting for crows, she is thrilled, and just a little bit nervous about spending time with her dad, not to mention at the idea of killing crows. As their day goes on, the pair learn little bits about each other and really begin to reconnect their father-daughter relationship.

The beautiful, fall-like illustrations go beautifully with the sweet story of Lizzie and her dad. Though the story is longer than most picture books, it flows very well, making it easy enough for the younger kids to sit through.

One of my favorites of the year, for sure!

Crow Call
Lois Lowry
32 pages
Picture Book
October 2009

Zero is the Leaves on the Tree, written by Betsy Franco and illustrated by Shino Arihara, is not really just a "fall" book, but an all-seasons title that helps children to understand the concept of zero.

Although "zero" may be somewhat difficult to explain, it really is everywhere and this little book will help younger children to visualize just what zero means. For example, "Zero is...the balls in the bin at recess time," Zero is... the leaves on the bare, brown arms of the oak tree," "Zero is...the bikes in the bike rack on the last day of school."

Each page spread gives an example of zero, relating it to something in a child's day, and the illustrations allow the visualization. A great concept really.

Great for classroom use during a math unit, as well as a read aloud for those learning to count and understand numbers.

Zero is the Leaves on the Tree
Betsy Franco
32 pages
Picture Book
Tricycle Press
August 2009

And finally, for a truly "fall" book, we have Leaf Trouble, written by Jonathan Emmett and illustrated by Caroline Jayne Church.

Pip the Squirrel is completely distraught when his beloved tree leaves change color and begin falling to the ground. He's convinced the tree is coming apart and he knows he has to save it! He and his sister Blossom attempt to carry all the leaves back up to the tops of the branches, but even that doesn't work. It takes some convincing from Pip's mom to really understand what the season of "autumn" is all about!

Very cute and a nice introduction for the little ones to this wonderful seasons. The leaves do fall, but they DO come back!

Leaf Trouble
Jonathan Emmett
32 pages
Picture Book
The Chicken House
August 2009

Thank you to Scholastic and Tricycle Press for the review copies :)

To learn more about any of these titles, or to purchase, click on the book cover above to link to Amazon.


Staci said...

I am so jealous that you got to meet Lois Lowry..I have loved her writing for years. This picture book looks absolutely lovely!! I love Picture Book Saturday!!

Amanda said...

Staci, I didn't really get to "meet" her, but I was in her presence for 30 minutes! And it was a total celebrity experience! You know you're book obsessed when Lois Lowry is cooler than Brad Pitt :)

Jeane said...

I have never added a picture book to my TBR list until right now- I'm going to see if my public library has Crow Call. More for me than for my daughter!