Sunday, October 25, 2009

Picture Book "Saturday" post read-a-thon

As you know, the Picture Book Saturday posts typically take place on, well, Saturdays. With the Read-a-thon yesterday, I didn't have room for a post, so I'm putting it up today. 3 great books for you all today, enjoy!

I Always, Always Get My Way, written by Thad Krasnesky and illustrated by David Parkins is a laugh-out-loud story, screaming to be read to your kids!

Jacket description:
"When Emmy accidentally spills juice on Daddy's pants, she's sure she'll get into trouble. But Mom tells Dad, 'Now sweetheart, you should let it be. After all...she's only three.'

For the next few days, whenever one of Emmy's creative projects ends in a wreck, she tried to wangle her way out of trouble by proclaiming, 'I'm only three.' With a carefully-aimed pout, a shift of blame, or an all-out tantrum, this girl sure knows how to always get her way."

Remind you of anyone? I'm sure we can all imagine a child that is just too cute to get into trouble, wrapping us around their little fingers! Emmy learns her lession eventually and it's fun watching her antics until the consequences are handed out!

I Always, Always Get My Way
Thad Krasnesky
32 pages
Picture Book
Flashlight Press
September 2009
Review copy courtesy of publisher

Spells, written and illustrated by by one of my favorite children's authors, Emily Gravett, is a hilarious, interactive pursuit of a little green frog, wanting to become a handsome prince.

The frog tries spell after spell, none of which turn out quite right, until he finally manages to turn himself back into a handsome prince. But....he didn't read the fine print!

The cover is just beautiful and the pages are fabulous as well. The story is definitely a Gravett story, as she has become known for her awesome endings and her somewhat dry humor. I love the different spells and I can picture children giggling like crazy after each one fails and the frog turns into something strange!

Just a teensy warning...when the frog becomes a prince, he is a bit under-dressed, though everything is definitely covered up! It just adds to the story and you know, by this point, the kids will be roaring!

This would make a great read aloud, though the split pages may make it hard to maneuver holding up to a crowd.

Emily Gravett
32 pages
Picture Book
Simon & Schuster
October 2009
Review copy courtesy of Amazon Vine Program

Rose's Garden, written and illustrated by the amazing Peter H. Reynolds, is my "sentimental" pick of the week (always gotta have the one)!

Jacket description:
"After traveling the world in her fantastic teapot, Rose is ready to put down roots. She sets about planting flower seeds in a neglected corner of a bustling city. And then she waits--through rain, cold, and snow. Rose waits, never doubting that the garden she envisions will one day come to be."

A beautiful story focusing on community, nature, and how powerful a faith in good can be. This would make a nice bedtime story or as a discussion provoking read aloud with your family. Talk about what it means to love others, even if you don't know them.

Reynolds has dedicated this book to the late Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, mother of the late Ted Kennedy (who has a quote on the back of the book) in which there is a foundation created in her name, the Rose Fitzgeralf Kennedy Greenway Conservancy, which you should definitely check out, it's an awesome organization!

Rose's Garden
Peter H. Reynolds
40 pages
Picture Book
October 2009
Review copy courtesy of publisher

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