Saturday, October 10, 2009

Picture Book Saturday...and a new favorite

I've selected three sweet and cozy read alouds for you guys this week. It's getting chilly outside and these are perfect to snuggle down with a have a story with the little ones. My first two choices are fun books for everyone and the last choice has instantly become one of my favorite titles of all time. I loved every bit about this last book and can't wait to share it with you.

When You Meet a Bear on Broadway, written by Amy Hest and illustrated by Elivia Savadier, is one of those really cute stories that your little ones can have a good time with. A little girl meets a little bear on Broadway and has to help him find his lost mama. He's a rather demanding little bear, but the girl calmly and politely helps him to search for his mama.

I loved the simple drawings that made up the illustrations and I found myself lauging at the practicality of this little girl. I did wonder what she was doing wandering around NYC by herself...

A very cute story! Simple enough for your toddlers, as it focuses on the huge fear of losing one's mother, but easily finding her again. A nice baby shower gift as well!

When You Meet a Bear on Broadway
Amy Hest
40 pages
Picture Book
September 2009
Review copy from publisher

Fanny & Annabelle, written and illustrated by Holly Hobbie, is the second book featuring the adorable Fanny and her homemade doll, Annabelle.

In this one, Fanny decides to write a story, with Annabelle as the main character. She finds herself stumped as to what to write about, but when she finds an envelope filled with money on the sidewalk, she knows she has the perfect story...and the perfect present for her Aunt Sally's birthday. That is, until Fanny's conscience gets the best of her.

Fanny is a super-creative character that is always making something, resulting in a great inspiration for little girls. This particular story ends with a great lesson and includes a make-your-own bookmark as a craft project.

I love the whimsical illustrations and the creativity-based story. Great as a gift for young girls.

Fanny & Annabelle
Holly Hobbie
40 pages
Picture Book
Little, Brown Young Readers
September 2009
Review copy received from publisher

Finally, one that has instantly become a new favorite of mine, Leon and the Place Between is written by Angela McAllister and illustrated by Grahame Baker-Smith.

The first "thing" that really drew me into this book was the amazing and incredibly unique illustrations, which start with the cover design. The talent level of Baker-Smith it just huge and the mixed media take on illustrating this magical story, was really a magic-based experience for me as a reader.

The story is a sweet and comforting ride to the place between...the place where magic sends you. Leon and his friends go to a magic show, where Leon definitely expects to see some real magic and the others aren't quite sure they believe. When the magician takes the stage and chooses Leon to be his assistant, the trio know they will be finding out what's real and what's not.

Leon experiences this place between here and there and shows that believing in something others think is silly, really does pay off in the end. Leon is a wonderful character, so believable, and I just felt an instant connection with him (which is hard to do in these short picture books).

I cannot rave about this book enough. Go get one, buy one, get it from the library, buy it as a gift. It's a fabulous story to share with your family and it's now one of my new favorites.

Leon and the Place Between
Angela McAllister
48 pages
Picture Book
August 2009
Review copy received from publisher

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LEON is now on request at the library thanks to your rave review!