Friday, October 30, 2009

Piece de Resistance review, Christian Fiction

Book description:
"Having earned her chef's hat, Lexi Stuart bids au revoir to her glamorous and deliciously satisfying pastry mentorship outside of Paris and returns to her homeown of Seattle, Washington. There, she finds life unexpectedly complicated.

She's put in charge of a high end catering bakery Bijoux, which should be her dream job, but there's a catch: She has to make this lavish bakery into a successful business in just a few short months, which will require more than her ability to make an amazing wedding cake. In over her head and at a loss for creative marketing ideas, Lexi isn't sure what the recipe for success needs to be.

Stire in a complicated relationship with her French beau, Philippe, and his daughter, Celine, then add a dash of romance with down-to-earth, lawyer Dan, and life suddenly contains more ooh la la than Lexi can handle.

With the fate of her career and her love life hanging by a thread, the phrase "piece of  cake" has never been more daunting. Lexi learns that she must trust the dreams in her heart and the God who put them there."

This "French Twist" series has been so much fun to read! Sometimes, I really am in the mood for a lighter read and Sandra Byrd delivers with these books. They're often humorous and laced with fun, but Lexi Stuart faces realistic situations and handles them with God's help (and a bit of chaos). You see inside Lexi's professional life, but her personal life as well, making the story (and Lexi) very well-rounded.

Oh, and the element of yummy cakes and desserts? Such a delicious asset to the stories! I loved reading about what Lexi and another baker was working and trying to picture the yumminess of the finished product. Food lover that I am, this one was of my favorite parts of the books for sure.

Romancy? Yes, but not overly so. There are love interests, but this is a Christian fiction book, so all the scenes are clean, promise. It's more a personal growth, Godly growth, and yummy bakery book :)

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Piece de Resistance
Sandra Byrd
304 pages
Waterbrook Press
September 2009
Review copy provided by publisher

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WordWrangler said...

Sounds like my kind of book! Nice review! As a Christian mother of 3 girls, chocoholic and writer, too, this type of review makes me VERY happy. :)

Donna Earnhardt