Monday, November 16, 2009

Non-Fiction Monday: What's the Weather Like?

Well all over the country, the weather is certainly changing lately. Just this past week we had a tropical storm roll through Northern Virginia, leaving us soaking and some of the rest of the state flooded. Winter is almost upon us and the snow will be starting (if it hasn't already) and this is the perfect time to start introducing your kids to the different aspects of weather.

The series, "What's the Weather Like?" is an awesome way to start talking about weather with the young ones. Appropriate for kids probably 4 and up, each book in the series (there are 5) focuses on one aspect of the weather, using bold text, bright colors, photographs of real children, and lots of simple, yet educational facts to help them learn. Some have a hands-on activity featured, really putting the learning to the test, as well as a Did You Know section, a short glossary, and extra resources section.

The three I reviewed, It's Cloudy Today, It's Windy Today, and It's Snowy Today, all written by Kristin Sterling, were all fabulous in the easy-to-understand method of presenting the information. The bold colors on each page make for instant attraction and the simple facts result in a learning experience that is great for even the youngest.

Put out by Lerner Books, one of my favorite publishers, not only for their awesome books, but for the quality. These books are going to hold up to just about anything! Library shelf or home shelf, once you purchase these, they'll be with you for quite some time. That makes the price go up quite a bit, but I really think it would be worth it. You can get them in paperback too, for those more budget conscious.

Who am I recommending these for? Everyone. If you are a homeschooling parent of an elementary age child, go get them. If you are buying for your library, go get them. Really nice to compliment a unit in school on weather or just as a supplement to a science unit.

Just as a hint, these may be up for grabs in the coming weeks! Keep a watch here at the blog. 

What's the Weather Like? series
Kristin Sterling
Lerner Books
October 2009
Review copies received from publisher

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Abby said...

We can always use more weather books at the library. Good to know that these are good ones! Thanks, Amanda!