Saturday, November 21, 2009

Picture Book Saturday: Thanksgiving edition

I love, love, love Thanksgiving! I love getting together with the families, making and eating lots of food, and taking a day to really thank God for all the blessings we have been given.
Hopefully, if you like any of my choices this week, you can run out to the library and find them in time for the big day. Enjoy the turkey!

Thanksgiving Rules, written by Laurie Friedman and illustrated by Teresa Murfin is a great choice for a read aloud in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. Funny, but with a sweet message at the end.

Percy Isaac Gifford wants to make sure we all make the most out of our Thanksgiving experience, so he's come up with a list of rules for us to follow. From how to keep the greeting of the relatives short and sweet, to how to build up your plate, and ending with a sweet surprise for everyone.

The rhyming makes this a fun story (though sometimes the rhymes are a bit off) and your kids will definitely be giggling through a lot of Percy's rules. The message at the end is of thankfulness and love, a nice touch.

Thanksgiving Rules
Laurie Friedman
32 pages
Picture book
Carolrhoda Books
September 2009
Review copy received from publisher

Duck for  Turkey Day, written by the very nice Jacqueline Jules (yep, I've had the pleasure of meeting her) and illustrated by Kathryn Mitter, is an awesome way to bring some diversity into this wonderful holiday. 

Tuyet, a Vietnamese-American girl, is incredibly disappointed...and more than a bit worried...that her family will not be having turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, but traditional duck instead. She insists that it simply cannot be Thanksgiving without a turkey! 

After learning what some of her friends ate for Thanksgiving, including roast beef, enchiladas, and even a tofu turkey, Tuyet starts feeling much better and begins to realize that what is eaten on Thanksgiving Day matters a whole lot less than spending time with friends and family. 

I really, really liked the message of Duck for Turkey Day and feel it's an ever-important one to attempt to get across to kids in today's time of extreme diversity in our schools, cities, and towns. Not everyone eats turkey on Thanksgiving (like me!) and I think this is a great tool for teaching that.  

Duck for Turkey Day
Jacqueline Jules
32 pages
Picture Book
Alfred Whitman & Company
September 2009
Borrowed from my local library

I'm a Turkey!, written and illustrated by Jim Arnosky, is another fun read aloud, this time focusing on the turkey part of Thanksgiving!

So, I'm sure we all wonder just where our turkey might come from and Arnosky gives us a look at just what wild turkeys do all. From talking in Turkey speak, to strutting, we get a fun, rhyming story, meant to be made silly.

If you think your child may be attached to the turkeys and not want to eat their dinner...wait until after the holiday for this one :)

I'm a Turkey!
Jim Arnosky
32 pages
Picture Book
September 2009
Review copy received from publisher

10 Fat Turkeys, written by Tony Johnston and illustrated by Rich Deas is one of those countdown books that kids just seem to love. My copy is a board book, but it was originally published in picture book form, so I thought it counts for Picture Book Saturday :)

We start with 10 fat turkeys fooling on a fence and work our way down to just 1 turkey as they each decided to do something silly that makes them fall off the fence. The funniest part is finding out what each turkey is going to do next! We have a turkey that decides to try and roller skate on the fence, one that tries to whistle in a shoe, and another that decides to balance bricks. Very funny!

Oh and the back cover features a turkey holding a sign that says "Eat Ham," which just cracks me up! Adorable book, really.

10 Fat Turkeys
Tony Johnston
32 pages
Picture Book
Cartwheel Books (an imprint of Scholastic)
September 2004
Review copy received from publisher

To learn more about any of these titles, or to purchase, click on the book covers above to link to Amazon. I am an Affiliate of Amazon and will receive a small commission from your purchase.


Cathy Puett Miller said...

I'm happy to know you and appreciate so much you sharing about great picture books. I have the heart of a librarian (that's my core training) but I now an a children's literacy consultant/facilitator in the world of literacy. Keep up the good work and keep sharing those great titles. To learn about my part in the revolution, visit!

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3T said...

I'll definitely have to get the ones I don't have, especially "Duck for Turkey Day". Funny, that will be part of our story time discussion this morning, too bad I don't already have it! Around here it's enchiladas, and we always had lasagna for Christmas:)

Z-Kids said...

These all look great -- I'll have to especially keep my eyes open for the Jim Arnosky title... Love Jim Arnosky!
- AZ