Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Books Day 14: Who Would Like a Christmas Tree?

Each day leading up to Christmas, I'm going to feature a Children's book that I've really enjoyed and would make a great choice to share with your family for the holidays. It may be one I've loved for years or one I've just recently found, but all would be great additions to your Christmas story list. Hopefully you'll find something to enjoy!

I'm combining today's Christmas book with Non-Fiction Monday. Two for one day :)

Jacket description:
"Who would like a Christmas tree? That all depends on when you ask. In January, in February, in March, in April... the black-capped chickadees, the white-tailed deer,  and the woodcock come to claim the tree. They want it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, for shelter and protection, for a place to start a new family. Can a Christmas tree be all that? Yes, and even more...The year has just begun!"

You'll learn much more about Christmas trees (specifically Balsam firs and Fraser firs) than you ever thought possible with author Ellen Bryan Obed's and illustrator Anne Hunter's book. Though we use Christmas trees only in December, different animals use them all year long for all sorts of important tasks like eating, storing food, and building nests.

We get information not only on trees, but also on the different birds and animals that make use of the trees, such as chickadees, robins, spiders, and foxes. We learn all sorts of facts about these creatures, while celebrating the trees that we love (in December of course!). I think the illustrations were beautiful and really celebrated each season...not just the Christmas season!

A great classroom book to use around this time of year, as a jumping-off point for projects and activities.

Who Would Like a Christmas Tree? : A Tree for All Seasons
Ellen Bryan Obed
32 pages
September 2009
Review copy received from publisher

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Rasco from RIF said...

I like the idea of the "year roundness" of this book!