Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday Books Day 4: Tree of Cranes

Each day leading up to Christmas, I'm going to feature a Children's book that I've really enjoyed and would make a great choice to share with your family for the holidays. It may be one I've loved for years or one I've just recently found, but all would be great additions to your holiday story list. Hopefully you'll find something to enjoy!

Who doesn't love Allen Say as an author? He has written some of my favorite titles that I grew up with, including Tree of Cranes. This lovely book tells of a boy's first experience with Christmas, even all the way across the world in Japan. His mother creates a Christmas tree out of paper cranes and candles and a small tree from their yard and tells the boy what Christmas is like in California.
A beautiful story and one that infuses another culture into our own. A great message of peace and love is given and even young children will enjoy Say's magnificent illustrations. This is one I will be reading year after year.

Tree of Cranes
Allen Say
32 pages
Picture Book
Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt
October 2009

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