Friday, December 11, 2009

My weekend ahead and some self-pity...

I've been feeling crummy lately, I'll just throw that out there. Crummy sick-wise, crummy emotionally, and just plain crabby at that. I'm trying very hard to get into the holiday spirit..we've put up lights outside, have decorated inside, and I'm done buying gifts for people, but I just am having a difficult time not being blue this year. And it's getting irritating.

Luckily, tomorrow is setting us up for some mandatory holiday cheer and I'm really hoping it sticks around! In the morning, the hubby and I are heading to Arlington National Cemetery to participate in the wreath ceremony, which will be a first for us, but hopefully a really cool experience. Being a military family, I think it will mean a lot to participate in putting wreaths on these headstones, so I'll have to blog about it after we're done. We do have to meet some friends for breakfast at 6am (yikes), so I'm not looking forward to facing the freezing cold air at the crack of dawn, but I'm sure it will be worth it.

Then, tomorrow evening, we have the big holiday party at the hubby's office building. Though it's our first year, we've heard they go all out (which means I need to be pretty for this thing), and they're having our favorite Thai restaurant cater, so that's exciting! I'll fill you in after the experience.

Here's to hoping the Christmas spirit kicks in here pretty soon... off to get more Cybils reading accomplished!

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Michelle said...

As a person who has three family members in Arlington I'm excited to hear you've participated in the wreath laying process this year. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it!