Monday, December 7, 2009

Non-Fiction Monday: Our World of Water

Jacket description:
"Wherever we live in the world-whether our country is rich or poor-water is vital to our survival on this planet. This book follows the daily lives of children in Peru, Mauritania, the U.S.A., Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Tajikstan, and explores what water means to them. Where does it come from? How do they use it?

With the growing threat of climate change affecting all our lives, this book invites discussion on the ways different countries and cultures value this most previous of our planet's resources."
During the holiday season, a lot of us (well, I would like to think MOST of us) like to remember and pass on information about those people that are not as lucky and blessed as we are, to be able to celebrate a holiday like Christmas with gifts and food. We take for granted having access to clean water and I think it's very important to educate our kids (and ourselves) on what our lives could so easily be like if we lived in some of these places. Our World of Water is one of those special books to inspire children and adults to remember that water is not just a given in some parts of the world...and even some parts of this country.

Author Beatrice Hollyer introduces us to 6 different children, living in 6 different countries all around the world, and shows us how they obtain water. Not all of the children are forced to walk long distances to get water, like Gamachu in Ethiopia, some, like Dahlys living in California, but she too must be very concious of the water she uses, as droughts are common occurrences where she lives.

An educational book that helps to illustrate how precious water is, using real kids and real stories. In my opinion, these are the best kinds of non-fiction books, as our children can relate.

Also included is a fact section, "What to Know About Water," which includes the startling fact "1.1 billion people in the world don't have access to clean water." Even one is too many. A glossary broken down by country is also included.

All royalties from this book go to Oxfam.

Our World of Water: Children and Water Around the World
Beatrice Hollyer
48 pages
Henry Holt
September 2009
Review copy received from publisher

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