Saturday, December 12, 2009

Picture Book Saturday: Random

I'm trying to stay away from posting about Christmas and Holiday titles during my Picture Book Saturday features this month, as I'm doing a daily post of Christmas books and we don't need an overload of those books, now do we? So, today I have some random titles from my TBR shelf to share. Hopefully you find something to enjoy!

When I Wore My Sailor Suit, written and illustrated by Uri Shulevitz, is a great tribute to a child's imagination and the places he can go while playing pretend.
A little boy becomes a sailor from the minute he wakes up, spending his day climbing mountains, sailing the sea, exploring new lands, and encountering scary old men. He must overcome his fear of the man, before he can continue on his sailor's journey.
Again, a great example of using one's imagination. Use this book as a jumping off point to an activity where your child uses his or her imagination and possibly sails on their own journey.

When I Wore My Sailor Suit
Uri Shulevitz
32 pages
Picture Book
September 2009
Review copy received from publisher

God Found Us You, written by Lisa Tawn Bergren and illustrated by Laura J. Bryant, the awesome team that brought us God Gave Us You, is a perfect story to share with all children, though those kids that have been adopted into a family may get a very special message from it.

Little Fox asks his Mama to tell the story of how he became a part of their family. As Mama talks about wishing for a baby of her own and how Little Fox's birth mama loved him so much that she gave him a better home, with God's help. She then talks about being his "forever" mama and how he will be treasured and appreciated so much because he was specially chosen for their family.

A truly beautiful story that will open up a conversation to chat about adoption, family differences, etc. The illustrations are soft and soothing, making this a nice choice for bedtime as well.

God Found Us You
Lisa Tawn Bergren
40 pages
Picture Book
June 2009
Review copy received from publisher

Honk! The Story of a Prima Swanerina, written by Pamela Duncan Edwards and illustrated by Henry Cole, is a hilarious look into the life of a swan that really just wants to dance her own part Swan Lake. She practices non-stop and when the ballet finally makes it's way into town, she just has to see it!

Unfortunately, swans aren't allowed in the Opera House. Mimi tries different disguises until finally, just being herself gets her inside!

This is my silly choice of the week, for sure! Your kids will laugh out loud as Mimi tries one thing after another to get in to see that ballet, honking all the way. Great for a read aloud!

Honk! The Story of a Prima Swanerina
Pamela Duncan Edwards
32 pages
Picture Book
January 1999
Review copy received from publisher

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3T said...

I wonder if there are any picture books out there for kids adopted at an older age? I've seen a million sweet stories about selfless birth mommies and couples wanting babies, but nothing in picture book form for the 3, 6, or 10-year-old who knows darn well that isn't the way it happened with them. Maybe I'll have to write one in my spare time...:)

Linda said...

I love this kind of random post -- as a matter of fact, I'd just put up a few random reactions to picture books myself when I noticed the title of your post. I always find your comments helpful in knowing what books to look for.