Saturday, December 19, 2009

Picture Book Saturday

No themes this week folks, just some random titles I've recently enjoyed!

After reading Red Ted and the Lost Things, written by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Joel Stewart, it has instantly become one of my favorites. Reminiscent a bit of Corduroy (and who doesn't love that cute bear?!), poor Red Ted, the stuffed bear of a little girl, gets left on the train seat and put in "The Place of Lost Things."

Worried Stevie may never find him, Red Ted and some newfound pals set off to find her instead, the bear never wavering on his hope to find his best friend.
I loved every bit about this sweet story, from the whimsical illustrations to the "graphic storybook" style of writing. I was given a feeling of comfort while reading this, a smile constantly on my face. There's a lot of heart in such a short book. Rosen has done his thing!  This is definitely one to share with you family. A great bedtime book!

Having been published November 10th, it just may be my Cybil nomination for next year!

Red Ted and the Lost Things
Michael Rosen
40 pages
Picture Book
November 2009
Review copy received from publisher

Author Laura Numeroff, of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie fame, and illustrator Lynn Munsinger have created a super-cute flip-book style story in What Sisters Do Best/What Brothers Do Best.

One side is the "sister" story in which the reader learns all sorts of cool ways sister help out their siblings. From helping to complete a puzzle and pushing the swing, to playing pretend and taking you to the library. The flip side is brothers helping to do the exact same thing, just with different illustrations.

A very clever idea and a cute way to introduce siblings to ideas of sharing with each other, helping each other out, and becoming good role models for each. The illustrations were great...very cutesy, easy to keep a young one's attention.

This one would be great to give to a "new" older brother or sister that just had a baby come into their lives.  Plus, who doesn't a want more Numeroff books on their family shelves?! I'm still working on collecting the "If You Give a" series.

What Sisters Do Best/What Brothers Do Best
Laura Numeroff
44 pages
Picture Book
Chronicle Books
September 2009
Review copy received from publisher

I LOVE John Rocco's books, if only because the illustrations are so amazing (the books are good too, don't worry). His latest, Fu Finds the Way, is a great story to read to your young adventurer and can help to remind us all that being patient and careful in our tasks achieves the greatest result.

When a young boy is challenged to a duel by a scary warrior, he is determined to be trained by the Master in order to save his life. When the Master agrees, but begins teaching him in a very unconventional way, Fu is worried and frustrated. He soon learns that purpose, flow, and patience are the most important parts of any task, eventually helping him to win over the warrior.

Who knew pouring tea could be so powerful? The story is fantastic, again, great for that budding adventurer in your life, and wonderful for those interested in great art. Rocco is incredibly talented in his work, both story and art form, and I could really look at his pictures all day! Pay close attention to the Master's beautiful!

I reviewed another Rocco book, Moonpowder, last November. That one is definitely worth checking out too!

Fu Finds the Way
John Rocco
40 pages
Picture Book
October 2009
Review copy received from publisher

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