Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Same Difference (YA review)

Jacket description:
"The last thing sixteen-year-old Emily wants is to pool hop and tan her way through another summer in Cherry Grove. Now that her best friend has a boyfriend, everything feels...different in a way Emily doesn't quite understand. So when offered a spot at a prestigious art program in Philadelphia, Emily jumps at the chance to leave her hometown for a few hours a day. 

But it takes more than a change of scenery and a new group of friends to discover yourself. As Emily bounces between a suburb where everyone tries to fit in and a city where everyone wants to be unique, she struggles to find her own identity. And while the rules may change, the pressures remain the same. Friendships can be hard to navigate. Boys are both deeply mysterious and utterly predictable. And the line between right and wrong is always a little blurry."
Last year, I loved a little novel called The Opposite of Invisible by Liz Gallagher, mainly for its realistic characters and beautiful combination of art and friendship. While reading Same Difference, by Siobhan Vivian, I felt that same smile on my face as I had a year ago and ended up turning the last page incredibly satisfied.

The main character, Emily and the situations she was in were written in a believable manner. She's a rich girl, with a great best friend, but is always longing for just a little more, hoping to find her true self in the folds of what is expected of her. Traveling to a big city and enrolling in a prestigious program start to bring out the artist in her and her need to impress someone she really admires while losing those that love her for who she is quite well written.

I did have some issues with Emily's relationship with Yates, as I did quite believe in him. He was written as an interesting and intriguing character, but his dialogue fell flat and their entire "relationship" was a little overdone. Other than that, I was really impressed with Vivian's novel and look forward to reading more from her. I've never picked up her first, A Little Friendly Advice, so I'll be digging that one up soon.

Oh and if you haven't checked out The Opposite of Invisible, do so!!

Same Difference
Siobhan Vivian
304 pages
Young Adult
March 2009
Review copy received from publisher

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