Friday, January 15, 2010

Day in the Life of Lauren Kate

I have an extra-special treat for you all today! Lauren Kate, author of Fallen (which I reviewed here), has sent over some pictures, chronicling just what a day in her life is like. After looking through these, I started telling my husband that I think I really do want to write a book...if only because I'll learn to make pasta and play the acoustic guitar. Hehe...enjoy!

(I apologize in advance about some of the formatting...Blogger was not cooperating during the creation of this post!)

Good morning! It's about eight am in Los Angeles and the sun is just cresting over the east side of Laurel Canyon.

I never was a morning person until I figured out how to program this fancy coffee maker. Hard to stay in bed with a carafe of hazelnut coffee calling your name.

 One of the best parts of living in Laurel Canyon is our neighbor, Runyon Canyon. Aptly named—it a great place to go for a run. But first: stretch it out.

Goin’ Runyon. Don’t be misled by my sweatshirt. It’s just your average 75-degrees-and-sunny January day in LA.

From the trail. I usually plot out the next chapter in my head while I run. I just wish I had something scenic to look at...  

 After the jog, I head home. Time to hit the laptop.


A former writing teacher always said to eat walnuts before sitting down to write because…they look like little brains. I try not to think too hard about this as I toss a few on my cereal. 

No more procrastinating. Must make self sit down and write.  

I finished the first draft of Torment in December and am waiting on comments from my editor before I start the revision. Which means, I have time for the fun stuff! Today I’m working on a blog post about writing and cooking for


 Fashionable attire is essential when you work at home alone.


We moved into this house six weeks ago, but we’ve been out of town for four of them…which means there is still mucho unpacking to be done. When your husband is a musician and you’re a writer, the amount of books and music you acquire can make your head spin.  


So I say: What better way to force yourself to unpack than to host a dinner party? I tell Jason I’ll do the cooking if he’ll tackle that messy heap of boxes. He goes for it.


The friends coming over just got engaged, so an executive decision is made to bust out the pasta maker. The first time we made our own pasta, it turned into a dough football. This attempt looks a little more promising. 


Whoops, we had so much fun at dinner, I forgot to take any pictures. Here’s the aftermath!


Then, we retire to the sitting room.

The newly-engaged friends convince Jason to sing the song he played at our wedding. It’s the first time I’ve heard it since right before we cut into our wedding cake and I feel just as swoony as I did then.  


I loathe doing dishes. This grin is just for the camera.  


It’s the end of the day. Here’s what’s in my bedside reading stack these days. The green thing on top is the shiny new kindle Jason got me for Christmas. I love it!  


As my dad always says, that’s all she wrote. Good night and thanks for spending the day with me!

 Hope you enjoyed that! Wasn't it nice for Lauren to stop by? And don't you want to learn how to make pasta now? Yum!

The blog tour continues over at The Children's Book review today. Go check it out!


Tasha said...

What a clever way to do an author interview/day-in-the-life!

Tif said...

I love this interview! It's so fun and unique!! :)