Saturday, January 30, 2010

Picture Book Saturday

Happy Saturday blogging world! It's snowing and blustery outside, which makes me want to just curl up with books for the entire weekend, disregarding all those chores that need to get done.What are you doing this weekend?

I have three sweet stories for you today! Each touched my heart a bit and hopefully you'll enjoy them just the same. Have a Happy Weekend!

The Best Family in the World by Susana Lopez and illustrator Ulises Wensell

I do love a good adoption story and this one is charming and sweet for sure. Little Carlota is finally being adopted and all she can do is dream about who the best family in the world will be. Will they be pastry chefs? Pirates? Astronauts?

Her new family is none of these things Carlota dreams of, but has their own ways of becoming the best family a girl could ever dream of.

I loved the illustrations in this one, as they accompanied the story well and drew my eye all over the page. It's a very nice choice for children that were adopted when they older, though infant adoptees would certainly enjoy it as well.

The Best Family in the WorldSusana Lopez
28 pages
Picture Book
Kane Miller
January 2010
Review copy received from publisher

Forever Friends by Carin Berger

A heartwarming story of a bird and bunny, destined to be forever friends. They play together in the forest all summer long, until the bird must fly away south for the winter. Bunny is sad and lonely without her friend, but when the snow is thawed by the sun and Spring arrives again, so does Bird and their friendship is able to continue.

A very simple plot, but perfect for your youngest children. Sweet and to-the-point, you don't have to be afraid of distracted kiddos during this one. I am in love with the illustrations! Bold, modern, and very unique, Berger used cut-paper collages from receipts, letters, ticket stubs, and old books. Very cool!

Use this for a bedtime read at home or with toddlers for storytime, encouraging them to make their own collages for their crafts.

It's not being published until March, but it's definitely worth a preorder. I'm pretty excited about sharing this one!

Forever Friends
Carin Berger
40 pages
Picture Book
March 2010
Review copy received from publisher

Lost and Found: Three Dog Stories by Jim LaMarche

I'm a sucker for dog stories and these are each short enough and cute enough that your kids are going to love them too!

We begin with the story of Molly, a beautiful dog that accompanies Anna, her pint-sized companion as she attempts to run away after Mom puts her in time-out. When Anna wants to go back home, but can't find her way, Molly saves the day!

The second story features Ginger, a little dog that gets lost while out hiking with her family. No matter what Jules and his dad do, they just can't find her. When it gets dark and they have to leave, Jules makes a bed for Ginger, hoping she'll be safe and sound in the morning, which of course, she is!

And finally, we have Yuki, a dog that finds Jack, but that Jack can't keep. He knows Yuki belongs to someone else, so he makes posters, trying to find Yuki's owners (though he really just wants to keep the dog himself). When the owner comes forward, she is so thankful to Jack and his mom that she offers a wonderful surprise to them.

Cute stories, very sappy, but dog fans will enjoy them. The illustrations are beautiful and showcase the calming nature of this book. Another good one for bedtime.

Lost and Found: Three Dog Stories
Jim LaMarche
48  pages
Picture Books
Chronicle Books
July 2009
Review copy received from publisher

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Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

What great looking reads! I love stories of adoption as well.

Emma Michaels said...

What beautiful covers and stories! wonderful choices!