Friday, January 15, 2010

Some bookish news

In my resolutions for blogging in 2010, I mentioned that I wanted to share more book world news with you all. I read things every day pertaining to books, authors, release dates, etc., but never really talk about it. That's going to change! If I find out something interesting, I'm really going to try to share more with you. Today, we have a few tidbits of info, two regarding book releases (and very exciting ones!). 

Anyone remember that little Inkheart trilogy? One of my favorite books series for sure. Lyrical and magical are a couple of words that come to mind. Well, after a couple of years of waiting, author Cornelia Funke has a new book on the horizon, Reckless, which is due out September 14th. Can you say...pre-order?! Credit for that bit of news goes to PW Children's Bookshelf. No cover for that yet.

I can also thank PW Children's Bookshelf for a first look at the cover of Rick Riordan's newest title, The Red Pyramid, the first book in his new series, The Kane Chronicles. That's one I've already pre-ordered. A bit similar in concept to the Percy Jackson series, but I loved that one, so I'm really not complaining. I'm sure it will be enjoyable. This one comes out in May.

 And finally, if you've been living under a rock then you may not know that the ALA Awards are going to be announced on Monday morning (YAY!!). A lot of us librarians and book lovers are totally excited and will dorkily be watching the live stream of the announcement of the Printz, Sibert, Newbery, and Caldecott (among a bunch of others) bright and early. If you would like to join this group of self-proclaimed geeks, you can also watch the live webcast at 7:45am EST. Which for your West Coasters is verrrry early in the morning. Thanks to Abby (the) Librarian for the link.

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Abby said...

I am SO EXCITED about the new Rick Riordan series! I love the Percy Jackson books and I just finished the audiobook of 39 Clues: The Maze of Bones. It is fantastic. I should pre-order this one as well... Hmm...

Amanda said...

Yep, just do it! I'm a little bummed that the whole concept is pretty much the same (mythology, having powers), but I loved Percy Jackson, so I can't be too bummed. I was so sad to see that series end.