Sunday, February 14, 2010

I can't believe I FORGOT!

Well, the Cybils Awards were announced today, a day that I'm usually pretty psyched for considering I've spent the last three years serving as a first round panelist for something-or-other. This year? Young Adult Fiction.

I'll admit, I'm a little surprised that Cracked Up to Be by Courtney Summers was the winner...definitely not a bad surprise, but I had my little fingers crossed that Blue Plate Special was going to be the title announced. Find the rest of the winners here.  Lots of fun had by all and I hope I'm selected to participate next year. Thanks again to everyone involved!

So what was I doing this weekend that allowed my book-focused mind to forget about the Cybils announcement? Well, Aaron decided that yesterday was a good day for a date...not a Valentine's Day date (ask me about my Vday theory sometime), but just a nice day to go out and eat and shop a bit. Mention eating and shopping and I'm game! We don't get to do this often, living in the recession that we're in, but when we do, we definitely try to enjoy ourselves! If you live in the D.C. area and haven't been to this restaurant yet, you MUST GO!

On another note, my giveaway for D is for Drinking Gourd and Pappy's Handkerchief ended Friday night at 11:59pm Eastern time, as scheduled. I've already emailed the winner and she's responded, so if you haven't received an email from me...keep checking back for more giveaways! And if you're one of the three that entered Saturday afternoon...I'm sorry, but I closed the giveaway as scheduled and did not include your names.

So again, excuse my absence for the weekend, I was busy eating at Coastal Flats and spending all of our money at Eddie Bauer and Ann Taylor. :)


Susan said...

Okay, I'm curious - what do you have against Valentine's Day?? I'm glad you guys had a fun night out, even if it wasn't an official V-Day activity :) LOVE Eddie Bauer, BTW.

Amanda said...

Eh, it's not exactly a "problem," with Valentine's Day, it's more of an indifference. I always had a theory about it growing up: V-day is out there making those with significant others spend gobs of money on flowers/candy/etc to show us how much they care (which they should do throughout the year) and making those without someone special in their lives feel like crud.

I'm sure once I have children I'll have a lot of fun with it...crafts, cupcakes, etc., but for now, we just don't celebrate it in our house.

And I LOVE Eddie Bauer too, though I wish they would help me out and lower their prices a bit. I just can't do 40.00 for a shirt anymore.