Monday, February 15, 2010

Non-Fiction Monday: John Brown

Jacket description:
"John Brown was a man who would stop at nothing to end slavery. In the late 1850s, many men and women spoke out against slavery, insisting that all people should be free. But few did more than talk. John Brown backed his beliefs with action and became one of the most well-known white abolitionists in history and one of the most controversial Americans of the nineteenth century.

Based on new scholarly research and findings, John Brown: His Fight for Freedom explores the life of this complex figure for a new generation. This compelling book is a fitting reminder that all men and women are created equal...and that some things are worth fighting for."

Author/illustrator John Hendrix has done a remarkable job at telling us Brown's story. Both the text and the illustrations are shown in eye-catching and bold ways, through beautiful illustrations and unique fonts for standout sentences. I was very impressed with the impact such a short telling could have, both educationally and emotionally. John Brown was a incredibly powerful man with a big voice, a huge heart, and the determination of a thousand men. You'll gain that...and so much more from this book.
An author's note is included at the back of the book, expanding on the information gained from the story version and again, emphasizing the passion Brown had for freedom for all.

Overall rating: 5 out of 5
This one is a must-have for libraries and for homeschooling families looking for a fantastic telling of John Brown's story. Great for Black History Month!

John Brown: His Fight for Freedom
John Hendrix
40 pages
Non-Fiction Picture Book
October 2009
Review copy received from publisher

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April said...

I wish I could have had a copy of this back in September. I taught a short unit on John Brown, and my students (8th graders) put him on trial. It was such a fabulous experience to have them engage with history in that way.

Great review. I'll have to get a copy of this for my classroom library.