Thursday, March 4, 2010

A letter from my husband...about Haiti

This is not something I would typically post and really contemplated not even doing so. However, there are hundreds of thousands of people that need help in Haiti and my sweet husband is heading over there on a last minute missions trip with our church (like...."he got 10 days notice," last minute) and unfortunately, the cost is a lot higher than we had planned on when we signed him up to go. We have 9 days to raise a whole lot of money and I thought if I could use my blog as an outlet at all, then I should do so.

Coming from my husband's heart:

"Family & Friends,

     For the past 6 weeks I have been pursuing the chance to somehow get to Haiti to help out wherever I can.  Unfortunately I have exhausted all efforts through military channels to get there and with my current job there is just no ability to obtain a deployment for this humanitarian effort.  However, now it seems I have secured a spot to travel to on a missions trip to Haiti with my church.  Since the earthquake hit the Port Au Prince area in January, Fairfax Community Church has sent a couple teams to assist in whatever way they could.  Up until now, those teams consisted of medical personnel.  That need has not gone away, but now that the crisis status is starting to fade from the public eye, there is still an enormous need there in other areas.  I currently have the opportunity to go and lend myself to these needs, which is fantastic, though will cost a lot more than we previously expected.

     Unfortunately, our church is no longer able to send people with their "Haiti Relief" funds, as those funds are quickly dwindling due to needs there.  That said, I will need to pay the cost of travel and expenses for the week I am there.  That cost is approximately $1,000.  So, I'm asking  for any help you may be able to provide in order to make this happen.

    This opportunity is something that is very much pulling at my heart right now.  Most of you have probably already given in some way to Haiti, so I'm not asking for much.  I'm a little embarrassed actually to even have to ask, but if there is any way you could help Amanda and I supplement this cost I would greatly appreciate it.

     You all probably have been asked to give for other needs in the past.  There are so many walks, runs, and fundraisers for great causes out there, so I'd like to try and let you know exactly what I'll be doing.  I'm not yet very confident of specifics, but I do know I will be doing IT work.  There is currently a big need to re-establish permanent communications throughout Haiti.  What I will be working on for the week (and hopefully after, via remote connection) is an internet-via-satellite connection and configuration of servers and workstations for those who need them immediately.  From what I hear there is more work to be done and I'm ready to take that on as well.  

     So, the bad news is that I will need to leave the 13th of this month, (yes in 9 days!!).  If you are interested in helping out please respond, as there are a few ways you'll be able to. We have a Paypal account for immediate donations or other ways as well.

     I in no means want this to seem like pressure to do anything either, I am very aware of how hard times are for everyone economically right now. Even more than money, I will need your prayers for a safe journey and return, as well as for God to use me as He sees fit while in Haiti. 

Thank you!"

He's a sweet guy...and a keeper for sure. I totally understand if this is not something any of you are interested in helping with and I promise I will not be at all offended if I do not receive a single email. However, if you are interested in helping to offset our out-of-pocket cost, you can email me at and I'll send you the information. Thanks so much everyone!

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