Monday, March 8, 2010

Non-Fiction Monday: Looking Closely Around the Pond

Jacket description:
"A series of close-up photographs transforms a pond into a wonderland for the imagination. Look very closely and imagine what the pictures might be. Then flip the page to discover a delightful variety of plants and animals that live in pond ecosystems. Children will have fun exploring hidden perspectives and reading smple descriptions of tadpoles, cattails, dragonflies, and more."

This book is such a great combination of fun and education. As the description indicates, we are given a small, up-close version of a photograph and asked to look closely and guess what it is in regards to items around a pond. The next page gives us the answer with facts about the plant, animal, or reptile and a beautiful full photograph.

We learn about water lilies, mallard ducks, and tadpoles all in a simple, easy-to-understand format. Your kids will have fun trying to guess what they're looking at and they'll learn something at the same time. Great for working on problem solving skills or as a companion to a unit on any of the animals and plants featured.
A whole lot of fun and education in one little book. The photographs are nicely done and the facts short and sweet.

Overall rating: 4 out of 5

Looking Closely Around the Pond
Frank Serafini
40 pages
Kids Can Press
February 2010
Review copy received from publisher


Jeane said...

I'd love to have a backyard pond (if it didn't breed mosquitoes). This sounds like a great book to share with my daughter.

Jennie said...

Oh yay! I love the other "Looking Closely" books. Surprisingly, they are huge hits at preschool storytime. (I tend not to read all of the explanatory text, just the rhyming into to each photo, let the kids all guess, and then what it really is.)