Friday, March 12, 2010

Poetry Friday: An Egret's Day

Jacket description:
"Soaring, hunting, preening, nesting-a Great Egret rarely rests. This majestic bird, with its big feet, even bigger beak, and breathtaking, lacy wings, is a treat to watch. With his camera, photographer Jason Stemple takes us close to these magnificent creatures to witness their physical-and quirky-beauty as well as their daily habits and behavior, which most of us never get a chance to see.

Meanwhile, celebrated poet Jane Yolen offers her keen observations in carefully crafted poetry that is at once whimsical, thoughtful, and thought provoking. Brief facts about the bird accompany each poem."

It's like Poetry Friday and Non-Fiction Monday combined! Beautiful, detailed photographs of these amazing birds share space with poetry by one of the most well known authors/poets of our time, Jane Yolen, making for a really spectacular overall book.
If you're at all interested in egrets or just birds in general, photographer Jason Stemple has really done a magnificent job at capturing these serene birds going about daily activities. The photographs are large enough that you and your child can spend some time looking at different parts of the picture and talking about the birds.

The poetry by Yolen is short and sweet. I loved "Preening Egret" and "Close-Up," both of which are whimsical. Gotta have some whimsy in your day!

And the accompany facts about the egrets are quick and to-the-point, which really added something to the overall effect of the book. You can read a few poems, look at the beautiful photographs, and learn something from the factoids!

Overall rating: 3 out of 5

An Egret's Day
Jane Yolen
30 pages
April 2009
Review copy received from Kids Can Press

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