Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A peek into my heart, with Deb Caletti's latest

Jacket description:
"Scarlet spends most of her time worrying about other people. Some are her friends, others are practically strangers, and then there are the ones no one else even notices. Trying to fix their lives comes naturally to her. And pushing her own needs to the side is part of the deal.

So when her older sister comes home unexpectedly married and pregnant, Scarlet has a new person to worry about. But all of her good intentions are shattered when the unthinkable happens: She falls for her sister's husband. For the first time in a long time, Scarlet's not fixing a problem, she's at the center of one. And ignoring her feelings doesn't seem to be an option..."

Every once in awhile a book comes along that you just feel connected to. Whether it be the story or the characters, you have this intense feeling of connection and you don't want the book to end, because then your connection will be broken and you'll have move onto another story and different characters.

Well, The Six Rules of Maybe is that story for me. From about page one, I felt my own connection to Scarlet and her worrying ways. And the manner in which she handles things that go wrong in her life. Caletti's writing had me pulled in from page one, as I saw my own story unfold on the pages.

Though I haven't experienced a sister coming home pregnant and fallen in love with her husband, I have experienced more loss and heartache in the past few years than some people will ever go through in an entire lifetime. And Caletti just got that. She got the feelings of loss and despair and pain that no one else can ever possibly get. Even to the point of understanding the relationship between a human and a dog, she got that. And my experience may not have been for the same as Scarlet's, but the descriptions of hope and disappointment were spot on, making me not want to put the book down. I cried through most of it, but I still didn't want to put it down. I didn't want to drop that connection with someone who seemingly understood those feelings that I can't help but push deep down, because I care more about others than myself.

Of course, not everyone has been through the same things as I have, just like they haven't been through what Scarlet has been through, but it doesn't matter. You will care about this girl and these characters and this dog and the unborn baby and the old man across the street. You will care and want to know more and fall in love with The Six Rules of Maybe. I flagged so many passages in this book, my copy looks like a pink Post-It explosion happened within the pages.

Teens and adults will be able to experience Scarlet and her story on different levels, all of them wonderful, and finish the book satisfied that the story was written how it should have been written. I just cannot say enough good things about this book...please go check it out, so I can chat about it with someone!

I've only read 3 of Caletti's books, including this one, but you can bet I'll be checking out all of the others as soon as I can. Ooh and a note on the cover...all of the covers of her books have been recently updated to make them more marketable and they are fabulous looking! Each one has been made to look inviting and very readable.

Overall rating: 5 out of 5

The Six Rules of Maybe
Deb Caletti
336 pages
Young Adult
Simon Pulse
March 2010
Review copy received from publisher

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3T said...

Knowing our demographics here, would you say it should go in YA or adult?

Amanda said...

Oh, it's definitely YA. Adults will like it too, but it should be put in YA.

Abby said...

Okay, with a review like that, I have to check this one out. I just requested it from the library! :)

Thanks for posting about it, Amanda.