Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Phew...what a week!

Though I didn't exactly announce a vacation, I took one anyways! I had family come down to spend Easter weekend and tour D.C. during the Cherry Blossom Festival (which was a huge mistake, but an experience for sure).

The weather was the 80's the entire weekend, without a cloud in the sky, and we had a blast just walking around the city and then hanging out on our deck for the rest of the weekend.

The first picture is obviously under a cherry tree, the second on Easter morning in our front yard, and the third is a photo of people completely ignoring the sign and walking in the World War II MEMORIAL!! Can you believe that? My husband, very patriotic, was so steamed he was ready to go up and argue with the 300 or so parents that were letting their 500 or so children wade in the memorial fountain. How disrespectful can you possibly get? Luckily a park ranger was making his way around yelling at people, but they just argued back say that "everyone else was doing it...." Goodness.

Besides that little disconcerting moment, the weekend was fabulous. We were able to eat Easter dinner on the deck, spend a lot of quality time with my family, and just relax for once. Glad to be back to the blogging world though!

That being said, I'm all set for Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-thon, which is taking place THIS Saturday! It's my excuse to have to donuts and sit on my butt all day reading (though I won't...gardening needs to happen too). Head on over to the blog site and sign up as either a reader or a cheerleader! 

Another quick Picture Book Saturday feature will be postponed until May. Too much going on in April and sometimes it's just nice to take a break :)

Hope everyone had a great holiday!


3T said...

As my mother would say, "And if everybody else is being a freakin' moron, does that mean you have to be one too?" (So much better than the jumping-off-a-bridge line.)

That also reminds me of the line from Kung Fu Panda..."We do not wash our pits in the pool of sacred tears." (Or something like that.)

Myne Whitman said...

Nice pictures, the weather is not so good here yet. I guess the memorial pool should have more rangers.