Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What am I doing this weekend....?

Well, we're taking a road trip to Chicago! Not entirely excited about the 12 hour drive, but definitely looking forward to some Chicago time with my sister-in-law and her family. We don't get to see our nephews often (haven't even met the newest one yet!), but when we do, it's always a great time.

If you're from the Chicago area and have some suggestions of things we should see, leave me a comment, I like tips from insiders :) We only have really one day to spend IN the city, but I don't think we have actually planned anything yet...just going with the flow. And I've already had the Oprah suggestion be shot down by my husband. Bummer.

Books for the car ride are always an interesting discussion topic. I've picked a few different ones, not too many, because I'm really attempting to not over pack, but 4 longer ones that will keep me busy. So far, I'm bringing:

The Dead Tossed Waves, a birthday present to myself that I still haven't picked up...trying to make it last longer!

The Truth About Forever-a Sarah Dessen book I still haven't gotten to. Bad Amanda, bad!

For Keeps by Natasha Friend- an ARC I've been wanting to get to

My Boyfriends' Dogs by Dandi Daley Mackell-another ARC I need to get to

Will I read them all? Probably not. 12 hours is a long time in the car each way, but I'll be helping drive and we have the audiobooks of all the Percy Jackson books to listen to (yay for finally convincing my husband to give them a shot) and once we're actually in Illinois we probably won't be having a whole lot of quiet time.

We'll be gone tomorrow through Monday, but I have posts setup for the weekend. Have a good one!! Chat with you all when I get back :)


Mel said...

Loved Dead-Tossed Waves it is a great book and so is the Truth About Forever. I am not from Chicago, we live a few hours away, but one of my favorite things to see is the Museum of Science and Industry.

3T said...

Have fun! Let us know what he thinks of the Percy Jackson series. We decided to have a Lightning Thief party this summer with the teens, when the DVD comes out.

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

These aren't all downtown, but if you can swing it, they are totally worth it! (I used to live in Chicago)
-Duck Walk has wonderful Thai food
-Cupcakes at Southport Grocery/Bakery are amazing!!
-If you can, visit Wrigley Field, for a game or just to walk by
-If you like vintage stores, there are some fun stores in Wicker Park and Lincoln Park to check out
-Driving down Lake Shore Dr. (or walking) is great if it's sunny
-Museum of Science and Industry is fun and I think it's the best museum there

Lisa said...

I know nothing about Chicago, but I loved Truth About Forever!

Michelle said...

Dead Tossed Waves was an awesome follow up. I hope you enjoy it! I also like Truth About Forever. It wasn't heavy lifting but was an easy enjoyable read.

Have a safe fun trip!

Tif said...

I can't wait to read Dead Tossed Waves!!! And, I hope you have a great time in Chicago!! I can't wait to hear what you ended up doing there!