Friday, May 21, 2010

The Best and Hardest Thing (YA review)

Jacket description:
"Fifteen-year-old Molly Biden has always been studious, dependable, some might even say saintly. And she’s sick of herself. So when she spots mysterious bad boy Grady Dillon, she devises a plan to make herself over into someone new, someone who will attract Grady’s attention. She succeeds—but a little too well. When Molly discovers she’s pregnant, she’s forced to make the hardest choice of her life."

Pat Brisson has written this book entirely in poetry form, using all different types of poetry, from sonnets to haikus to free verse, which is just so, so cool. I've read a lot of novels in verse, but I can't think of another book I've come across that has so many different types of poems, with a single plot. Or maybe I'm just completely blanking, which I'm sure some of you will help me out with. Either way, I loved the style!

A beautiful job was done by the author at starting this story slowly and making it build. The poems she wrote and the manner she chose to present them matter at every single turn and help the story to get the reaction I think she wanted. For being the first young adult book she's ever written, job well done!

I wasn't completely enthralled with Molly's story and as a teen pregnancy "issue" book it wasn't the best I've read or the most intriguing. It was, however, presented in a unique format that can not only bring up the issue of teen pregnancy and not changing for a guy, but also teach about different poetry forms in the process. Teens can just pick it up and read it for pleasure or teachers could chose to use it as a teaching tool.

Overall rating: 3 out of 5

The Best and Hardest Thing
Pat Brisson
240 pages
Young Adult/Poetry
May 2010
Review copy received from publisher

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Caroline Starr Rose said...

Looking forward to this one. Come join my verse novel challenge (five by the end of the year); not like you've got tons of other reading to do... ;)

Jeannine Atkins said...

I hadn't heard about this book, and plan to look for it now, so thank you!

laurasalas said...

Thanks for this review. I'm intrigued and will be looking for it. I appreciate that you shared both your pros and cons of it.