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The Gastronomy of Marriage review

Jacket description:
"When Michelle meets Rich-like her, a closet writer with a fierce love of good books and good food-their single-mindedness at the table draws them together, and meals become a stage for their long courtship. Finally engaged, they move in together, but sitting down to dinner each night-while working at careers, trying to write, and falling intto the routines that come to define a home-soon feels like something far different.

The Gastronomy of Marriage: A Memoir of Food and LoveWho plans the meals? Who cooks, who shops, who does the dishes? After Rich takes additional work to pay for their wedding, Michelle offers to do his half of the cooking chores-which along with the newness of their living together, challenges her feelings about what it means to be a modern wife.

As they save and plan for a wedding, the nightly compromises, small generosities, and stubborn stakings of ground that take place around the dinner table offer a context in which Michelle considers what she's learned form themarriages around her, and what she and Rich might create for themselves."

I was completely enchanted by Michelle Maisto's writing and her beautiful honesty when it came to food and love. I found myself constantly comparing my husband and I to she and Rich...we're so alike! Our husbands are both the picky ones in the relationship, we're the planners of the meals (if our husbands let us plan), and we feel this need to be great wives without compromising a bit of ourselves.

I must admit, I was more than a bit impressed with Maisto's knowledge of food and cooking, though she was just entering a marriage and hadn't had all that much experience. She knows a whole lot more than I do about different cooking methods, ingredients, and dishes in general, so my reading was a learning experience that made me salivate! I couldn't wait to see what they figured out to make for dinner each night and the recipes included were such a nice touch. Things that I've never made or thought to make, but written out in such an easy-to-make manner that I am definitely going to be trying some of them...namely the Apple Cake and the Artichoke Pie. Yum!

I felt included in the engagement and wedding planning, as Maisto's writing was friendly and inclusive. Really, I think we could be all be great friends, though I would most definitely leave the cooking up to them! Both she and Rich managed to plan full dinner parties in no time at all, while planning their wedding, working full-time jobs, and getting to know each others quirks.

I really enjoyed reading this one and couldn't wait to get back to it each time I had to put it down.

Overall rating: 4 out of 5
Great for any foodie!

The Gastronomy of Marriage: A Memoir of Food and Love
Michelle Maisto
256 pages
Adult Non-Fiction
Random House
September 2009
Book borrowed from my local libraryThe Gastronomy of Marriage: A Memoir of Food and Love

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