Sunday, May 16, 2010

Have you signed up yet?

I've been lucky enough to be able to participate in the MotherReader's 48 Hour Book Challenge, the last couple of years and am anxious to get going again! It's a great weekend to relax, knock a whole bunch of books of the TBR pile, eat yummy food, and just enjoy reading with a virtual community. Even if you've never participated before, you should definitely give it a much fun!

I've never read the entire 48 hours, not even close, but I read enough to feel relaxed by the end of the weekend....not to mention accomplished! I also read for a charity giving either $1 per book or a $1 per hour, whichever is more. This year I think I'm going to be reading for Reading Is Fundamental, so you would like to sponsor me, that would be awesome!

The challenge is the first weekend in June, so get your stacks of books ready! Can't wait to see you there :)

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