Sunday, May 9, 2010

One Good Dog review

Jacket description:
"One note. Three words. And Adam March's well-ordered life, and well-laid plans, are shattered.

The very definition of a hard-nosed businessman, Adam March has no room in his life for anything but the cold drive to succeed. Not for his social-climbing wife for his rebellious teenage daughter. Then, in an instant, he loses everything. Due to an untimely collision of arrogance, stress, circumstance, and a momentary loss of self-control, Adam finds himself alone, unemployed, and reduced to bussing tables in a homeless shelter, serving men he'd always gone out of his way to avoid.

One instant of opportunity. Enough for one dog to find his freedom.

Chance was born in an inner-city cellar, a mix of pit bull and God-knows-what. Bred to fight, and damn good at it, he lived in a dank, dark, and vicious world-a world that "dog eat dog" doesn't begin to describe. Not that he wished for something better; that world was all he knew. But when the moment presented itself, Chance made the most of it in a new life on the street, for a little while.

Two lives. Two second chances. A twist of fate that brings two lost souls together."

Oh gosh, tear jerker! Anything with a sad, lost dog that finds hope in humans pulls at my dog-loving heart strings. And this really was a good story, even minus my bias regarding pit bulls.

The fact that both Adam and Chance had very similar stories, regardless of being human vs. dog was great. Both had to fight their way through life to become successful and both managed to lose it all. Author Wilson really got that connection to come across without seeming forced or contrite. The pacing was perfect and everything was believable.

Easy to read, light, but full of emotion, this is definitely one I would recommend to ALL adult readers. I really appreciated Wilson's honest portrayal of the pit bull breed and the stereotypes associated with them and I think the book will be an educational journey for those non-pit owners out there.

Overall rating: 4 out of 5
I do have to correct the author on one teensy thing....there is no such thing as an ugly pit bull ;)

One Good Dog
Susan Wilson
320 pages
Adult fiction
St. Martin's Press
March 2010
Book borrowed from my local library

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Jeane said...

This looks like a book I might like! Glad for your review.