Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Winner, winner!

Ooooh don't shake your fist at me! I know my giveaway of all those lovely ARCs ended Sunday night, but I forgot about it. Bad blogger!

Thank you for all of the super sweet wishes for my anniversary, they were wonderful! I shared each with my husband and he thought it was super cool people actually paid attention to our anniversary....and then I told him it was only because I was giving you all books ;)

Before I announce the winner, I just wanted to send out a reminder as to what ARCs are good for and not good for. Please do not attempt to sell them. Really...you wouldn't get much anyways, but still! I take for granted that I understand this and most other bloggers do, but some really don't understand that ARCs are unfinished copies, complete with typos, missing illustrations, etc. They're great for reviewing and that's about it. When you're done, either give them away as I did or place them in your recycling bin. The publisher and the environment will thank you!

Ok now, the winner! Congratulations to The Literary Wife! I've sent you an email, but if I don't hear back from you by Friday, I'll be picking another winner. Thanks to all for entering!