Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Reviewing audiobooks

Jen over at Devourer of Books is hosting Audiobook Week (so cool!) and is having us all join in a discussion each day, regarding audiobooks. Today's discussion centers around how to review an audiobook and whether we review them any differently.

I don't really think I review the audiobooks I listen to much differently than the physical books I read. The only actual difference in my overall experience with the book is whether or not I enjoyed the narrator, so I'll definitely write-up a paragraph regarding how I felt about he or she's performance. Other than that, I don't necessarily "review" any differently.

That being said, whereas we can just pick up a book and decide whether or not we like the writing/characters/plot, with an audiobook the narrator plays a huge role. He or she can easily make or break a book by they way the narration is done. For example, I am absolutely in love with Shannon Hales "Books of Bayern" series on audio, because the full cast does such an amazing job. Same with my current read, Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok, read by Grayce Wey...fantastic. The "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" series by Rick Riordan? Not so great. The narration by Jesse Bernstein was terrible. I only listened to the first book and was done...thank goodness it wasn't my first experience with the series!

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Jen (Devourer of Books) said...

This is like the 3rd time today I've seen people complain about the bad narration in the Percy Jackson series.

Susie Sharp Librarian said...

So true about a narrator making or breaking a book I listened to The Shadow of the Wind I love it Loved the narrator he had a great spanish accent and was just wonderful.So I ordered The Angel's Game unfortunatly it was a different narrator with an english accent and it just didn't cut it for me and I am still not sure if I didn't like the book or the narrator.

Susie Sharp Librarian said...

Oh and P.S. now I know NOT to listen to Percy Jackson!