Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fun middle grade series for magic lovers

Even though the last Harry Potter book came out something like 3 years ago, I will constantly be in Harry Potter withdrawal, always searching for new magic books to read and recommend. I recently picked up Erica Kirov's "Magickeepers" series and was very pleasantly surprised at how much it quelled my miserable HP withdrawal symptoms with the combo of magic, humor, and well-developed characters.You and the kiddos can rejoice!

The first book, The Eternal Hourglass, was both completely engrossing and a lot of fun to read. We're introduced to Nick, a young boy living with his father in Las Vegas, who discovers that he not only belongs to a long line of real Russian magicians, the Magickeepers, but he possesses the ability to make magic as well.

After moving in with the rest of the family for his safety, Nick learns more and more about the history of the Magickeepers, as well as their rivals, the Shadowkeepers. Learning to fight against the evil for good is a whole lot more than Nick bargained for, but soon, he's fitting right in with the rest of them (except for the gross Russian food they keep forcing him to eat).

The second book, The Pyramid of Souls, picks right up where the first left off. A magic convention is about to take place in Las Vegas and the Shadowkeepers are planning their attack for when the world's magicians are all in the same place. Nick, his cousin Isabella,and the rest of their family must stop them before the entire Magickeepers world is destroyed and evil invades.

This one is just as much fun as the first, with a lot of humor intermixed with the ancient magic lessons. Nick and Isabella interact realistically together, half the time getting along great and the other half wanting to kill each other, and the fantasy elements are quite believable. 

The characters in both books are very well done and I really enjoyed the inclusion of famous individuals from history shown in flashbacks (Edgar Allen Poe, P.T. Barnum, Isaac Newton), as well as the Russian elements added throughout. Your kids are going to race through these as they laugh at Sergei and Nick's pizza antics, and they'll get thrills from the scenes where Isabella's beautiful white tiger fights to save the two children's lives.

Quick reads, again, great for Harry Potter fans, and nice choices for families to read together. And a third should be out sometime next year. I'm a big fan already (would love to see a movie version with Johnny Depp as Damian) and think you should definitely check them out!

Overall rating (for both): 4 out of 5

Magickeepers: The Eternal Hourglass and The Pyramid of Souls
Erica Kirov
Middle Grade
April 2009/May 2010
Borrowed from my local library

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Jackie said...

They look cute!

Peaceful Reader said...

I've wondered about this series-glad to know they are worth it. I think I will always be on Harry Potter withdrawal as well. It does help that my 7-yr-old and I are reading it together this summer-we are on book 2. It makes me appreciate it all over again.