Monday, July 19, 2010

Non-Fiction Monday: Famous Places

Every so often I have a post, typically a Non-Fiction Monday post, in which I rave about Lerner publishing company.'s another one!

Seriously though, this company puts out books that are solid, both literally and figuratively. They are super durable and make great library books (meaning they can be checked out a bunch of times without showing signs of wear), as well as being filled with lots of great information, presented in an age-appropriate way, accompanied with vibrant photographs. What more could you really want right?

My latest rave is about the "Famous Places" series. It includes 12 different titles, each covering a different place from around the United States. A great way to learn more about our country, especially when the economy is tight and travel is difficult. I was sent 4 to review, all places I've been, so I can verify they're pretty fabulous places.

In The Redwood Forests by Lisa Bullard, the reader is given quite the look into one of the most beautiful places in the world (my own opinion of course), filled with these absolutely massive, gorgeous trees. Each page is mainly photograph, accompanied by a short fact about the trees/forest. The text is large and bold, making it very easy to read, but doesn't overwhelm the beauty of the photo.

As a lover of the Redwood forests, I can definitely say that this book does a fantastic job of illustrating the awesome factor...and provides much-needed information about the trees and parks.

The Grand Canyon by Jeffrey Zuehlke and The Great Lakes by Janet Piehl are set up similarly to The Redwood Forests, with large photos and short blocks of text, however I didn't find the photos quite as jaw-dropping. I suppose that could be just because the Grand Canyon is hard to photograph (seriously, it is, I've tried!) and The Great Lakes just don't have quite the level of gorgeous-ness that the redwoods do.

The material is definitely educational and great for those just starting to jump into non-fiction. All the books contain a short glossary and index, as well as a short section for "Fun Facts" and information for further reading.

Ooh...and I did get a fourth book for review, The Everglades (another place I've been and loved), but something must have gone wrong during printing, as I have the cover of The Everglades, but the book is actually called Black Everywhere. Oops! Didn't learn a lot about the Everglades, but I'm all set on the color black.

Again, these books would be great for an elementary classroom for units on new places and, of course, for any library. Other titles include: The Gateway Arch, The Hoover Dam, The Capitol Building, and Yellowstone National Park, among others.

I cannot sing enough praises about Lerner and their high quality books, both in durability and educational level. Check out their website for more cool series and titles from the "Famous Places" series.

Overall series review: 5 out of 5

All books provided by Lerner for review.

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