Thursday, July 1, 2010

Still Missing review

What a book! Totally disturbing, but really well written, I'm still shaking inside just thinking about it. And let me tell you, I took this book to bed with me, planning to read the first chapter to see if I could get into it or not, and I didn't stop until I finished the entire 2am. Seriously, it will grip you.

Our main character  is 32 year-old Annie O'Sullivan, a successful realtor with a cute dog, beautiful house, and perfect boyfriend. Until she's abducted from one of her open houses and held captive in a mountain cabin for over a year. She's beaten, raped, and virtually made into her kidnapper's wife...and eventually the mother of his child. He rules over her entire being, slowly ripping away any part of her former self, until Annie really has no idea who she is. 

Annie survives her year in the mountains, but definitely has severe PTSD. Working with her therapist, she begins to open up and start to live again, though it takes a lot of relapses and heartache along the way. You'll hurt for Annie as she regresses after a breakthrough and you'll cheer for her once the walls start to fall.

We learn of Annie's ordeal through her sessions with her therapist, as a one-sided conversation. This style of voice was a bit unusual to me and took some getting used to, but once I got into Stevens' story, I was hooked. No need to for excessive dialogue exchanges or description. This was Annie's story and she told it. Plain and simple.

By no means an easy story to read or for the faint-hearted, Still Missing is definitely gripping and suspenseful, but in a sad, gritty way. I kept going back to headlines of Jaycee Dugard, wondering if this was what her world was like for so many years. I think that made the connection to Annie even stronger and made me want to cheer for her even harder.

Overall rating: 4 out of 5
Chevy Stevens' debut...I'm totally sold on this author!

Still Missing
Chevy Stevens
352 pages
Adult Fiction
St. Martin's Press
July 2010
Review copy received from publisher

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Sarah said...

Yikes! I don't think I could read this book. I mean, it sounds compelling, but also really brutal. I'd have to be in that right reading place.

Just Mom said...

Oooh - you make this one sound really good - will have to try to remember the titel.

Becky W. said...

I'm reading this book now and am totally engrossed. It's hard to put down, and "gritty" is a great description! Annie is a bitter woman, though she has the right to be!