Sunday, August 1, 2010

IMM Week 3

I received some fabulous goodies in my mailbox this week! A couple I've been waiting for, one was a surprise, and the rest are just fun. I can tell that the Fall books are starting to trickle in...all of my shelves are getting fuller and fuller by the day.

AND this is my first ever Vlog, so hopefully, you'll enjoy! Please don't mind the mess of the room behind me, I was in the single room in my house with good natural light, which is somewhat under renovation. Hopefully the fact that I am in desperate need of a new hair straightener won't bother you either ;)

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Abby said...

Oh yay, I loved the vlog! :D
I will do vlogs someday. I just need to get my act together and start doing them.

I loooved Touch Blue - one of my favorites of the summer! Hope you enjoy it!

I only got 2 books this week, one of which I had already received a copy of, so I'm skipping IMM and I will do one next week (or in 2 weeks since I will be out of town next weekend...).

Sarah said...

You are braver than me! I haven't attempted a vlog yet. :D Good job!

Mrs.Robertson said...

Hey Amanda,
Loved the vlog. Not only is it faster for you to talk about books that way... it's also lots faster for me to hear about them, and if it's a book I already know about, I can just fast forward you to the next one.
Good for you brave one! Well done. :-)
I hope you do more (and no one who cares about books cares about the background so don't sweat it!)

christina said...

I love vlogs. I only wish my mac had the video component. Must get the newer one! :P

Amanda said...

It's not scary to talk to the's only scary to talk to an actual room full of people! So glad you all enjoyed it!