Saturday, August 28, 2010

Picture Book Saturday

Some great picture books this week, focusing on using our imaginations. Hopefully you'll find something to enjoy with the family!

Flora's Very Windy Day by Jeanne Birdsall and illustrator Matt Phelan

They had me at "Jeanne Birdsall," but add in Matt Phelan and I am SO there. We have a charming and whimsical story about Flora and her pesky little brother, Crispin, complete with beautiful watercolor illustrations and a sweet message. What more could we ask for?

Flora is annoyed at her pesky little brother and wants nothing more than for the wind to whisk him away for good! But when the wind actually does pick Crispin up into the air, she knows she has to follow him, as the good big sister that she is. 

As they float along with the wind, Flora is given several options to give away her brother: one from a dragonfly, another from a cloud, and yet another from a rainbow. Everyone is willing to take Crispin off her hands forever! Ultimately, Flora does the right thing and brings her brother back home.

I loved the use of imagination in the story, paired with the soft and flowing illustrations by Phelan. This would be a fantastic book to read before bedtime...or as a lesson for older siblings annoyed with their younger siblings!

One of my favorites of the year!

Overall rating: 5 out of 5

Flora's Very Windy Day
Jeanne Birdsall
32 pages
Picture Book
Clarion Books
August 2010
Book borrowed from my local library

Franklin's Big Dreams by David Teague and illustrator Boris Kulikov

Another great title about having an imagination and not being afraid to use it!

While waiting to fall asleep late one night, Franklin gets the surprise of his life when a foreman busts through the wall in his room, insisting that he must build a railroad track straight through Franklin's bedroom. The boy is astonished and amazed, but indeed sees a huge train roll right down the track. And he's happily surprised the next night when the foreman is back, this time to build a runway for a jet. And then the next night to build a canal for a ship!

Each night, Franklin wishes he could travel with those people, wherever they're going, but knows that he would have to just dream it. And then he realizes what's been going on all along...and that he CAN dream it!

A magnificent read to inspire little imaginations before bedtime. Teague thought big and succeeded in a huge way! Franklin was a delightful main character, surprised in all the right places and so happy to be participating in these amazing adventures. Ooh and if you look closely, you'll see that Franklin's dog is in all the adventures as well...gotta love that!

Overall rating: 5 out of 5

Franklin's Big Dream
David Teague
40 pages
Picture Book
August 2010
Review copy received from publisher

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