Friday, September 10, 2010

Half Brother review

Thirteen-year-old Ben Tomlin has been raised the only child of two scientists, each very dedicated to the world of science and progress. When his parents decide to bring home a newborn chimpanzee to attempt to teach him language, Ben is totally skeptical and unsure of how his life will be changed by an animal living in his house.

Zan integrates into the family much easier than anyone expected and his language skills grow at an incredible rate. Ben is surprised at how attached he has become to his "little brother" in such a short period of time and spends lots of time with Zan, in-between chasing girls, trying to make new friends, and attempting to be a typical teen boy.

Part coming-of-age story, part animal-interest story, Half Brother was an excellent read in terms of plot and character development. Ben is written in such a realistic manner, that I wanted to be his friend, as well as his
cheerleader. He has big ideas for a thirteen-year-old and his determination and heart definitely shine.

Humor is intertwined with the seriousness of the subject manner and you'll definitely want a tissue or two handy!

Half Brother
Kenneth Oppel
384 pages
Young Adult
September 2010
Borrowed ARC

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Peaceful Reader said...

I just got this book from Scholastic and gave it to my teenage son to read. I guess I'll have to sneak it back and read it myself. Thanks for your good review.