Saturday, September 11, 2010

Picture Book Saturday: New Favorites

Well, with the huge outpouring of support I received in favor of this Picture Book Saturday feature (thank you again!), I thought that this week I would do reviews of books I'm adding to my "favorites" list. And ALL of them came out pretty recently, which is a hint that this years book awards season is going to be super tough! So many good books this year!

Boss Baby by Marla Frazee

Hilarious! If you ever need a gift for a new mom, this would be the book to give them, as every page shows the reality of having a baby. Business suit and all!

As soon as the baby arrives, everyone knows that he is the boss. From putting his parents on a schedule and having them work long nights, to making demands, spending lots of time in the "lounge" and the "spa," and conducting meetings, the baby is most definitely in charge.

The illustrations are fantastic (as Marla Frazee's always are) and the story is just super cute. Older "new" siblings will also get a kick out of this one as they compare the boss baby to their little brother or sister. A great read aloud with perfect pacing and an awesome baby shower gift!

The Boss Baby
Marla Frazee
40 pages
Picture Book
Beach Lane
August 2010

A Pig Parade is a Terrible Idea by Michael Ian Black and Kevin Hawkes

Definitely this author/illustrator pair's best! Listing all of the reasons a pig parade would be a bad idea, from pigs hating to march, to refusing to wear majorette uniforms and having horrible taste in music, the reader will not be able to stop laughing turning the pages.

The illustrations highlight the text perfectly (this could actually be a pretty awesome wordless book too) adding to the overall silliness of the book. It would make an absolutely fantastic read aloud for your family or for a storytime...I highly suggest it for a toddler storytime!

A Pig Parade is a Terrible Idea
Michael Ian Black
40 pages
Picture Book
Simon & Schuster
September 2010
Review copy provided by publisher

Art & Max by David Weisner

Let it be said now, this is my choice for the Caldecott Medal come February. When I'm right, you can say that you read it here :)

Themes of imagination and creativity are definitely front and center, as we meet Arthur and Max, two artsy lizards, painting in the desert. Max is portrayed as the exasperating friend that wants to do everything Arthur is doing, until he decides that literally painting Arthur is the best idea of all. 

What ends up transpiring is a beautiful collection of illustrations featuring both bright and bold colors and no color at all. The amount of detail that went into each page is astounding, especially in the actual bodies of the lizards, I couldn't stop looking at them!

The actual story would be great for kids that aren't quite sure their methods of creativity are "correct." Max and Arthur show us that no way is "the right way" and that having fun and being silly are the most important rules of all. I loved this one!

Art & Max
David Weisner
40 pages
Picture Book
September 2010
Review copy provided by publisher

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