Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Soft Place to Land review

Julia and Ruthie are typical sisters, growing up with parents that are still in love, in a beautiful home and ritzy Atlanta neighborhood. When a freak plane crash takes the lives of both their parents, the girls are obviously devastated, each beginning to deal with their grief in their own ways...some healthy, some not. When the girls are split up by decree of the will, Ruthie heading to San Franciso with a loving Aunt, and Julia to her biological dad's house in Virginia, their lives are completely overturned once again. 

Ruthie narrates the story and we're able to witness her progress through grief and her teen years while living in San Francisco. She worries about her sister (and rightly so), especially when Julia is finally able to come for a visit and ends up running away, drowning her sorrows in drugs and alcohol. These poor girls have a lot of craziness to deal with and neither is quite sure which way is right and which is wrong.

I had heard so much great buzz surrounding Susan Rebecca White's latest novel and had really high hopes that it would live up to the hype. After finishing it, I enjoyed the story, but didn't get a whole lot out of either Ruthie or Julia. No character connection. I felt so much of the story was spent on Ruthie and her feelings about just having lost her parents, being separated from Julia, and moving across the country, and then so little spent on Julia. 

The time of loss and subsequent moves took up so much of the book that the part of the story that took place at college or after Julia's experience at rehab was super short and rushed. Overall though, it kept me entertained and I was able to enjoy the plot. Definitely lacking of a "wow factor" though.

A Soft Place to Land 
Susan Rebecca White
352 pages
Adult Fiction
Touchstone Books
April 2010 
Book borrowed from my local library

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